Apple designs future iPads and more with a built-in kickstand? [Patent Watch]

Patently Apple got their hands on an Apple patent application that shows future iPads may just be designed with a built-in kickstand. iPads, and perhaps Cinema Displays, would have the ability to pivot to allow for use in landscape and portrait mode. Apple states that products with displays need a mechanism to support the object in multiple configurations. The patent also mentions the possible addition of a kickstand to other Apple products such as the iPhone.

Would you like to see a kickstand on a future version of the iPad or even maybe the iPhone someday?

[ Patently Apple ]

  • lol that design look ugly. jus sell a kickstand. more money for apple
  • I like the idea but I would chose a slimmer iPad. I have the Otterbox case which has a stand built in. Having said that, the iPad or iPhone with a kickstand would not serve a purpose as I have cases on both.
  • An iPhone with kickstand would be quite useful when travelling by train! :)
  • How can they get a patent on a kick stand. HTC Evo 4G on sprint already has one.
  • evo pioneers apple steals
  • @Ross it's the design they submitted a patent for.
  • Keep in mind that Patents = money.
  • HTC should have had a patent on their kickstand .. .
    I'm pretty sure people will say that Apple invented the kickstand
  • And I'm pretty sure HTC should sue them if Apple does try to patent it. Or, should be say, "Steve Jobs" them. Or "RIAA" them.
    And of course, Goodnight, Sweet Prince.
    Steve Jobs 1955-2011
  • Seems like a good idea to me as long as the kickstands is unobtrusive when you're not using it.