Apple drops prices on refurbished iPad mini and iPad 4

Apple has lowered the prices of refurbished versions of the iPad Mini and iPad 4. The discounts hover around 15% off the original price, with the 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad mini starting at $279, and the 32GB and 64GB models starting at $359 and $439, respectively. These refurbished models had previously been available for $299, $389, and $489. The cellular models each go for $389, $469, $549, down from $429, $519, and $619.

Likewise, the iPad 4 models available also received price cuts. Starting with the 16GB version, prices for the Wi-Fi-only model are $419, $499, $579, from $449, $549, and $649. The refurbished cellular models come in at $529, $609, $689, coming down from $579, $679, and $779. A refurbished 128GB model is not available.

Apple notes that all refurbished iPads come with a brand new battery and outer shell. If you have been waiting for lower prices on either the iPad Mini or the iPad 4, now is a great time to get them.

Source: Apple, via MacRumors

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