AppleInsider brings word of two interesting Apple patents, one involving user interfaces that changed depending on the user's situation, the other -- wait for it -- for an iPhone/iTablet stylus.

The stylus patent, credited to John G. Elias, co-founder of multitouch maestros, FingerWorks, involves:

"A metallic or otherwise conductive disk may be attached to one end of the stylus. The disk may be sized so as to guarantee sufficient electrical interaction with at least one sensory element of the touch sensor panel."

The dynamic multi-model seeks to give the iPhone UI some context sensitivity:

For example, using the device in the car or in the gym could show a different design on the screen. Devices could also be controlled in different fashions when they are docked and less portable, and a different design and input method might make more sense.

Next to your bed at night, in the car when navigating, linked to your home stereo for a party -- the possibilities are endlessly intriguing.

As always, just because Apple applies for a patent on something doesn't mean we'll ever see it in a consumer product. Still, would you benefit from a stylus? From context-sensitive user interfaces? Let us know!