Apple to hold next iPad and Mac event on October 22, 2013

Apple will hold their next iPad and Mac event on Tuesday, October 22. That's according to John Paczkowski of the Wall Street Journal and fits with the time line I'm hearing as well. It also fits with what Apple did last year.

On the agenda will be the new iPad 5 we told you about back in January, the one that's as slim and thin as the iPad mini but still packs a 9.7 inch screen. Apple's been working on a Retina iPad mini as well, and if it's ready, it'll be shown off alongside its bigger brother.

Apple also has that brand new can't-innovate-anymore-Phil-Schiller's-ass Mac Pro to show off again, which should ship with OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Still, with everything we think we know, there's a lot that still needs to play out - will there be a gold iPad? Colored iPad minis? Will the Apple A7 go A7X for the iPad 5? Will Touch ID make it onto either the full-sized or mini iPad?

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Source: Wall Street Journal

Rene Ritchie

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