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Apple has shipped iPad pre-orders and regardless of whether you chose expedited or regular old delivery, it should get to your door on Saturday, April 3 (if your area offers weekend deliveries). To make sure it doesn't get there any earlier, Apple is using every trick in their playbook so don't be nervous if you see "holds" or "exceptions" on your delivery status. They don't want any "accidental" pre-releases hitting the streets (and webs).

And if you reserved at your local (or not so local if you're flying or driving in from abroad), Apple is sending out email confirmations (see above) complete with word that Apple Specialists will help you get set up (or for business customers, Apple Business is offering consultations by appointment at some stores).

Only a few sleeps left before iPad Wi-Fi launch day in the US (and perhaps a few weeks internationally and for 3G). Everyone ready? Anyone who hadn't wanted one before reconsidering things now (especially after those Guided Tour videos hit)?