Apple introduces iPad 2, ships March 11

Steve Jobs today announced Apple's iPad 2, with an all-new design that's 33% thinner -- 8.8mm -- 0.2lbs lighter -- 1.3lbs total -- and includes an Apple A5 processor. The A5 boasts dual-core 2x CPU speed and 9x graphics speeds. Other hardware improvements include front and rear FaceTime cameras, a gyroscope, and more.

“With more than 15 million iPads sold, iPad has defined an entirely new category of mobile devices,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “While others have been scrambling to copy the first generation iPad, we’re launching iPad 2, which moves the bar far ahead of the competition and will likely cause them to go back to the drawing boards yet again.”

It will come in 2 colors, white or black bezel -- and white will be shipping day 1! There won't be an LTE model but there will be support for both AT&T and Verizon. Pricing remains the same, starting at $499 with all storage and 3G options staying the same.

Shipping starts on March 11 in the US, with 26 other countries on March 25 including Australia, Canada, UK, and more.