Apple investigating new iPad Wi-Fi problems, will replace problematic units

According to a leaked internal AppleCare document, Apple is currently investigating Wi-Fi problems with the new iPad. The issues appear to relate to problems with not only poor Wi-Fi speeds but also connection drops and, in some cases, the inability to even see a particular network.

The internal AppleCare document, leaked to 9to5Mac asks for contact centers and retail stores to “Capture” iPad 3rd generation Wi-Fi only devices if they exhibit any issues relating to Wi-Fi. We assume that capturing means a replacement device for the customer and the problematic device being kept by Apple.

The Wi-Fi only version of the new iPad is the only version affected by these problems according to Apple.  4G LTE models do not seem to be troubled by the same symptoms; many are speculating that this is down to the exposed antenna area at the top of these models. This also marks the 3rd year in a row new iPad models have had reports of Wi-Fi issues.

Have any of our readers experienced any Wi-Fi related problems with their new iPad?

Source: 9to5 Mac


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