Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Now Available for Pre-Order in the US

Attention US shoppers, the iPad in both Wi-Fi and 3G flavors are now available for pre-order. Just head on over to the Apple Online Store (opens in new tab) and you can arrange to have your very own iPad Wi-Fi in 16GB, 32GB, and/or 64GB shipped to you or made ready for pickup at your local Apple Retail Store on April 3. iPad 3G 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB are also available for pre-order but won't ship until late April.

Did you pre-order? If so, which one did you get?

Rene Ritchie

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  • The Wifi+3G version is ALSO listed as being up for PreOrder
  • Let's hope it doesn't end up on back order
  • Us government gets options now.
  • Darn. Rob beat me to it. Both versions are available for pre-order. Wi-Fi+3G shows late April as delivery time.
  • I don't see the option to pick-up in store. Any help?
  • Why would you want to pick up in store? It delivers on April 3rd, supposedly....
  • Anybody get their email confirmation yet? I'm still waiting
  • Some clown really messed up's navigation bar.
  • Haven't received my e-mail confirmation.... should I be worried?
  • Anyone notice that the Camera connection kit is nowhere to be seen, HOWEVER, there IS an iPad to VGA cable...
  • @Dan: I wouldn't be worried. After all, what else is Apple going to do with your credit card.
    I printed a copy of my order just in case. I will probably call Apple directly and confirm the order number just to be on the safe side.
  • Canada? Helloooooo? Also, at the current exchange rate, it works out to $499 USD = $519 CAN, I hope it's not $549 or $599.
  • No Education discount for the iPad....bummer.
  • I like to pick-up in store because I like the commotion and the atmosphere. It's fun. Yeah I'm a geek I know. Plus there is always the chance of missing the delivery. I would rather walk out of a store with product in hand.
  • I wonder if these will be listed on the student site with a discount.
  • On related news... some developers don't have access to the iPhone Developer Program again.
    The website database is somehow not linked with the membership status.
    That sucks.
  • I did a small comparison of tech specs before and after pre-ordering iPad. Here are some things I’ve found:
  • Well Konstantin, thanks for letting me waste a click for a micro blog post that could have been pasted here as a comment. Be courteous?
  • JM: now now. i clicked it, read the bits of info posted, and am happy. Be nice.
  • JM:
    How exactly is it possible to 'waste' a click? Surely, you're not limited in the amount of times you can click per day?
    Konstantin has found out a few interesting things, you shouldn't resent him for seeking a few more hits on his blog.
  • Just ordered the Wifi 32 GB for my wife.... ;)
    OMG I'm so excited!
  • Can't make up my mind which version to get. 3G or no? 16, 32, 64?
  • If Apple can sell a 3G version of the Ipad for an extra $130 with no carrier subsidy, then how come they can't sell an unlocked 32GB iphone for $430 -- ie, $130 more than a comparable ipod touch?
  • I would of considered getting a 3g 16gb if it would of also been available on the 3rd of April. Then again, I don't want another bill so I'll jus tether with my iPhone :-)
  • Got my email conformation from Apple, now I just need a doctor to put me in a coma till late April.
    SOOOOO Excited
  • Very tempting. Hmm... What to do, what to do...
  • I'm not getting one. Don't see a use for it.
  • Not getting one. I'll be catching reviews n such until the second one comes out.
  • For those prices I would rather just buy a laptop or netbook. Crazy insane prices.
  • Way to much hype, I will wait and see what it can and can't do. I still my end up with a Netbook for work related need, this seems to be a consumer product which is fine but I would have like to see some USB ports, etc.
  • Im excited but I can wait. I want to see what it's sporting on release day and I want to play with it in store. Glad they started Orr order on the 3g versions. They probably want to get a judge of which type people are favoring.
  • @CharFeld.
    3G modems for MIDs, netbooks, and notebooks are almost always add-on options that cost the user money, and are likewise almost always carrier-specific.
    Also, Apple does sell an iPhone without the 3G radio -- it's called the iPod Touch, and it's much less expensive than the iPhone.
  • It's to expensive:S
  • Well I did it. I pre-ordered the 64GB 3G so I have to wait until the end of April also. My friend at work pre-ordered the 64GB WiFi version so at least I will see it first hand April 3.
  • iPad is the best advance concept that ever manufactured nowaday. Nice System!
  • Apple has not allowed us Canadians to order.
    We get one when Americans are fed,
  • I printed a copy of my order just in case.
  • I wonder if these will be listed on the student site with a discount.
  • I pre-ordered the 64GB 3G so I have to wait until the end of April also. My friend at work pre-ordered the 64GB WiFi version so at least I will see it first hand April 3.