Apple launches (PRODUCT) RED bumper for iPhone

Apple has added a (PRODUCT) RED option to their usual selection of iPhone 4/iPhone 4S bumpers, available through the Apple Store. Other than the color and the charity associated with it, and with which Apple has had a longstanding relationship, the bumper is identical to the previous colors first launched with the iPhone 4 in 2010 and updated for compatibility in 2011.

9to5Mac's Mark Gurman first reported the story last night, and as he pointed out, the timing is odd:

With Apple’s redesigned iPhone coming in less than a month, it seems hard to believe that Apple would release a case for the iPhone 4S/4. However, it seems likely that the iPhone 4S/4 will stick around, so perhaps that is why Apple is set to release the new red iPhone Bumper case.

If and when the iPhone 5 is announced on September 12, if Apple stays with recent patterns, the iPhone 4S should drop to $99 on contract.

The real question here, however, is why did it take Apple over 26 months to add a (PRODUCT) RED bumper to the product line?

$29 - Buy now

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