Apple to pay $4.2 million to L.A. school district over failed iPad program

Apple has reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to pay them $4.2 million over a failed program to put iPads in the hands of every student and teacher in the district. Specifically, the settlement is over the curriculum designed to be used with the iPads, which was barely used by educators.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Under the agreement, Apple will pay the district $4.2 million. Another computer company, Lenovo, also had charged the district for Pearson curriculum. The district won't have to pay $2.2 million for laptops recently purchased, according to the settlement.

The program, which was cancelled in August 2014 saw the LAUSD purchase over 40,000 iPads with the special curriculum installed, which cost the district about $768 per unit.

The Board of Education still needs to vote in order to approve the settlement, which it will do in October. Should it be approved, the money will be used to purchase computers through a district grant program.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Joseph Keller

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