Apple paying Swiss Rail $21 million to use their clock design on the iPad

Apple will be paying Swiss national rail operator SSB $21 million dollars for using their clock design on the new iOS 6 Clock app for iPad. Apple launched the new Clock app for iPad in September of 2012, over 2 years since the original iPad launched sans Clock app of any kind, and initially without permission to use the famed design. The AFP paraphrases (no link provided and/or available) the Tages-Anzeiger daily:

[According to several unnamed sources, Apple] agreed in October to pay the lump sum so it could continue using SBB's Swiss-designed station clock face on its iPads and iPhones.

Apple often seems to prefer begging paying for forgiveness than asking for permission, and this is simply the latest example. It's a great looking clock, it's a great looking app, the SSB seem to have their money, we have the feature, so all's well that ends well.

Now could Apple please go steal that Braun calculator design, along with a good weather and stock app design, so we can finally get iPad parity with iPhone and iPod touch?

Rene Ritchie

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