This rare Apple Pencil discount offers nearly 20% off via Amazon

With all the recent sales on the iPad Pro, you may be tempted to finally take the plunge and make the purchase for one of Apple's latest and greatest tablet offerings. If so, the next thing you'll want to pick up is the Apple Pencil (opens in new tab), and you're in luck as it's also on sale today at Amazon for $79.88 (opens in new tab). This deal saves you nearly $20 off its regular price, and it's also the lowest we've ever seen it drop there. This is the first Apple Pencil model; the second (opens in new tab) is usually priced a bit higher at $129.

The Apple Pencil is way more than just a stylus, and if you're a graphic artist or someone who loves to draw, it's likely an essential purchase for you. It's sensitive to pressure and tilt, allowing you to finely adjust your brush strokes, shading, and more. Our guides on how to draw and use the Pencil effectively could be a big help if you're looking for advice.

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Alex Smith

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  • Why are you always pimping Amazon’s one day “low” prices? These go for $75 or less every day on eBay. I bought 2 as Christmas presents. Yes, they are real Apple pencils in the box.
  • Why is this still prominent 5 days after it is over?