Apple Pencil teardown reveals tiny logic board, tip sensors

The folks over at iFixit have already torn down the iPad Pro, and they have now gotten their hands on Apple's new stylus, the Pencil. While not as in depth and involved as a full iPad teardown, it's interesting to see what has gone into Apple's new writing and drawing tool.

iFixit examined every aspect of the Pencil, starting with the tip, which features a metal end inside the nib, presumably connected to the emitters that measure distance and orientation when using the Pencil. The nib itself screws right off, and the Pencil comes with an extra one.

The teardown also highlights the Pencil's small logic board, which is actually folded in half in order to fit inside the stylus. It, and all of the Pencil's other internal components, are housed inside a metal casing, just under the Pencil's plastic shell.

Hit up the link below for a full inside look at the Apple Pencil.

Source: iFixit