Apple piloting an iPad loan device program for employees

Apple is to start piloting an iPad loan device program in its flagship San Francisco Apple Store which will allow employees to borrow devices for up to 7 days. The initiative is designed to allow employees to familiarize themselves with Apple products in their own environment.

The store will have a stock of loaner iPad devices which employees take home and use for a one week; they then return them to the store for others to borrow. The idea is a really simple one but is a great way to give your employees product knowledge. Actually using a product in your own environment will provide a much better understanding of it. Knowledge is power as they say and the more knowledge your employees have of the products they sell, the better that can be passed onto customers.

Apple is meticulous about its standards of customer service and this is just another way for them to improve in this area. It is unclear if this will be rolled out to other Apple Stores at this stage. It is just a pilot but if it proves successful, it probably will.



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