Apple has added a new Design Guides and Resources section to their developer center. It includes videos and documentation on user interface design for apps and games, overviews of what's new in iOS 7, best practices, a look at how iPhoto was designed, Apple's famed Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), design dos and don'ts, the UIKit catalog, and the iOS 7 transition guide. Apple says:

Exceptional user experience is a hallmark of Apple, and a distinguishing feature of apps built for iOS and OS X. Review the resources below to learn how to build the polished, engaging, and intuitive apps that Apple customers have come to expect.

It's nothing you wouldn't get from WWDC or the Tech Talks, but it's all in one place and that's a huge boon for new designers looking to get started and veterans who want to locate something specific and quickly. And that Apple is giving designers some love like this on its own is tremendous.

If you're a designer and you check out the new page let me know if it's valuable to you!

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