Apple posts last shipping dates for Christmas gift buyers, get your iPad orders in soon!

If you're buying a gift for a loved one – or even just for yourself – this Christmas from Apple, then you'll be interested to know that the last shipping dates have been posted. The good news is you've got up until December 22 for those really last minute purchases on some products, but if you're moving for a new iPad in particular then you need to move fast.

Guaranteed shipping on the new Retina iPad mini for Christmas means you need to buy by December 5. The iPad Air isn't much better, and you'll need to place your order for one of these by December 9. Most other products are offering standard shipping between December 12 and December 18 cut off dates, so you've got a little time on most products in the range.

These dates apply to the U.S. Apple Store. For local shipping information be sure to consult the Apple Store in your country.

So, buying anything for a loved one from Apple this year? Promise we won't tell them!

Source: Apple

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