Apple releases new Retina display iPad commercial, Do it All

Apple has just released a new commercial for the iPad called "Do it All". Like other recent iPad commercials, it focuses on what the iPad can do, highlighting apps. This time, it breaks down:

  • Send a note. (Email.)
  • Stay informed. (Newsstand and the New Yorker.)
  • Catch a show. (Vimeo.)
  • Make your point. (Numbers.)
  • Make a memory. (iPhoto.)
  • Make a masterpiece. (Paintbrush?)
  • Read something. (iBooks.)
  • Watch something. (Videos.)
  • Learn something. (iBooks textbook?)

The closing line is:

Do it all more beautifully with the Retina display on iPad.

No "new iPad' branding, which is interesting, and they're melding the typical app focus with the Retina feature. It's not as powerful as the earlier, Peter Coyote voiced iPad 2 ads, but it's not a misstep either. More keeping pace than anything.

Video below.

Rene Ritchie

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