Apple removes Liquid Contact Indicators from iPad 2

Apple has removed the LCI’s (Liquid Contact Indictors) from the iPad 2. We already know that Apple has relaxed its policies on water damage to various iPods. This we believe, is down to the unreliability of the indicators; false positives when no water damage has occurred. The sensors are supposed to activate when moisture comes into contact with them. This can then easily be spotted by an Apple representative, voiding your warranty.

The iPad 2 has none of these sensors. In the first generation iPad the sensors were located in the headphone plug and 30 pin dock connector. iPad2 has a redesigned headphone jack which does not have the sensors. The sensor are also missing from the dock connector.

The only way for Apple to check for water damage, according to the Genius Bar DB, is to check for corrosion in the SIM card tray.

So who is going to risk taking their iPad 2 into the bath now?

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