Apple reportedly working with more than 40 companies to attract businesses to the iPad

According to a new report, Apple is looking to boost iPad sales by working more closely with businesses. The tech giant has teamed up with more than 40 companies to boost interest in business apps catered for the iPad through an initiative dubbed the "Mobility Partner Program." From The Wall Street Journal:

Apple reviews its partners' apps and offers detailed suggestions, down to which words should be shaded in gray, according to meeting participants. Thanks to the partnership, an Apple ally got the company on the phone with an iPad business customer that had never heard from an Apple representative. And Apple has played match maker by encouraging makers of complementary programs such as employee scheduling software and digital cash register systems to create interconnected apps.

Apple is said to be making a concerted effort to keep the program under wraps, asking that partners refrain from publicly referring to the program by its name. However, Apple's ultimate goal for the program is said to be selling application bundles targeted at specific industries, similar to the company's current collaboration with IBM to create industry-specific apps for the enterprise.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Dan Thorp-Lancaster