Apple rumored to have selected camera supplier for iPad 2

Digitimes are running an interesting iPad 2 rumor, this time claiming that Apple has another camera component manufacturer in place for the next iteration of the iPad. A few weeks ago we heard that PC Board manufacturers had been appointed. Now Digitimes claim rumors point to Largan Precision being the sole supplier for the camera lens. Largan Precision currently supplies a  lens for the iPhone 4.

Largan Precision has declined to comment on market rumors indicating the company will be the sole lens module supplier for Apple's upcoming iPad 2 tablet with shipments to kick off in the first quarter of 2011, according to a company filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE).

At this stage, we do not know anything definite about the next generation iPad. It is widely expected to have at least one camera on board. This will more than likely be a front facing camera to enable FaceTime; who would bet against Apple providing both front and rear cameras for augmented reality applications as well as normal camera functionality.



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  • I'm sure they choose it a while ago already. I would prefer atleast front facing camera. I'm waiting to buy an iPad for the iPad 2 comes out. I want more ram and I doubt it will have a bigger processor
  • As an iPhone user Ipad 2 needs to have much more ram and a significantly better screen for me to be interested. The price is also a consideration - It's competing against laptops for my custom and losing at present.
  • One, All it needs is a FaceTime camera. And does it really need that? Probably not. One thing I've never done in all my time with the iPad so far is thought, 'damn, I wish I could take a picture with this thing, it'd be so convenient.'
    I have thought though, as it sits in the dock on my desk. 'damn, FaceTime on this thing would be pretty badass and sci-fi. Although of course it's sitting on my desk, I have a mac with an iSight right there in front of me rendering it somewhat useless.
    Can you imagine the camera shake holding up an iPad to take pictures? One handed of course because Steve hates hardware camera controls. Blurtastic! Unless the carbon fibre rumours are true of course, less weight would mean less shake.
  • I can't realistically see a need for a rear-facing camera on the iPad. Envisioning someone holding up an iPad trying to take a picture with a rear-facing camera just doesn't fly in my mind.
    They'd probably much rather prefer to whip out their iPhone and use its camera (I know I would).
    RAM, processor and screen resolution upgrades are going to be the must-have upgrades.
  • A camera for any other reason besides FaceTime is pointless. If i wanted to take a picture with something of a large size i would just use a normal camera. Everything else there's the iPhones camera, or cell phone camera since not all iPad owners have iPhones. I don't see many people taking pictures with an iPad. Maybe at first just o try it out, but i dont see it as practical
  • Why not? The Galaxy Tab has two cameras. For that reason alone apple should add it. Everyday customers are going to look at price and see that the galaxy tab has two for the same price.
  • Give it two why not... Just cause it seems like a weird idea doesn't mean it would be...!?! The application of two cameras is endless...!!!
  • @ideadbaby
    Do you have an iPad? If so hold it up and try imagining taking a picture of it
  • Personally, only the front camera makes sense to me. And a good quality one is more than likely. A rear camera just doesn't make good sense or fit the model Apple are trying to fit this thing into.
  • Surely 2 cameras is the best option?
    Sure I wouldn't use it to take actual pics, but I'd sure use it for FaceTime - I use the camera switch option on my iPhone loads while video calling.
  • I'll go with door number 3: 3 cameras. One in the front for FaceTime. Then 2 on the back, at either end when held in landscape mode. They would be further apart than human eyes. What for? Why for one more thing, of course: 3D pictures and video recording!
    With a 3D capable retina display, it would absolutely blow away anything any other "iPad killer" might have in the works. Just the kind of shock and awe Apple likes to deliver.
    iPad 3D could be a higher-priced version, since it would essentially need 2 screens, I think.
    @maniacfIve Hold the iPad with both hands in landscape mode. Notice where your thumbs are? You think some on-screen controls could be placed there? Might even lead to better pictures than holding a phone with one hand.
  • @iDeadBaby just because tha space tab has two cameras doesn't mean the iPad should. I mean the tab is using softwear not ment for a tablet. Should apple use some messed up os just because someone elts is doing it.
  • The iPad needs a rear-facing camera as much as I need an elbow where my forehead is. Stupid.
    It definitely needs a front-facing camera and more RAM. What's surprising is how small the list of must-haves is. Sure, a nicer screen or smaller form factor would be nice, but there are very few glaring omissions on the iPad (other than the glaring omission of the front-facing camera).
    What the iPad needs most is NOT hardware, it's better software. Right now there is no easy way to simply save documents on the iPad itself (you have to synch with a laptop that has DocsToGo etc. or use iBooks for PDF and other awkward workarounds), or to simply take a Word or Excel document saved on the iPad and email it as an attachment, etc. Right now the iPad needs some basic functionality like that, let the developers come up with a wider range of apps, and then you will have all the enterprise users on board and increase market penetration even further.
  • I think it needs a good quality front facing camera. A rear one would be a bonus I guess. I cant really imagine using it. In fact I hope the iPhone 5 will get a better quality front facing camera as well.
  • Someone mention a rear camera would be good for a document scanner. I could see this. With so many note apps that accept photos, not a bad idea. Another idea, go ahead with a micro USB port, and keep the 30 pin also. You could hook up a scanner to the iPad via the USB, and get a better quality scan. Lot of possibilities
  • @Glenn that's the one and only thing I see myself using it for, but it would get used a lot. Photograph a document with jotnot or scanner pro and save it to EverNote.
  • @ Glenn dam why do people think that a rear
    Camera is to only take pictures NO It's for applications also like you mentioned.
  • @ideadbaby. With that type of logic, Samsung would not have come out with a 7' tablet, FOR THE SAME PRICE as the iPad with a much larger screen! I do not see Apple producing an iPad with two cameras just because another company does so with an inferior product.
    One shall suffice, thank you!
  • Has anyone on this thread ever used FaceTime? Even though all Apple users are amazingly good looking, the coolest part of it is showing what you are seeing. Of course you need two cameras. No I'm not going to take a lot of pictures - but switching to rear camera to show a friend something cool is something I will do on a regular basis.
  • i think it'll probably have only one, front facing.
    but like people have said .. i wouldn't be surprised if it had a forward facing camera, however, for showing people things using facetime and for UPC/Q code and document "scanning".
    maybe on iPad 3 or 4 tho, when the component costs have dropped to the point where a camera on the back is just trivial to add.
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