Apple Rumored to Ship iPad Review Units This Week

April 3rd is fast approaching so it's only fitting that Apple is rumored to begin shipping iPad review units to select reviewers this Thursday (either that or they'll be arriving Thursday, like many rumors it's not exactly clear).

Also not clear is whether the lucky reviewers will receive Wi-Fi only, WiFi+3G, or both iPads, and exactly who is getting them (other than Mossberg from The Wall Street Journal and Pogue from The New York Times, of course).

We here at TiPb aren't holding our collective breaths, but we have pre-ordered (and Rene's making the long drive down to the US) so you'll get to hear our thoughts soon enough.

Until then, however, let us know how many of you are waiting to hear some reviews before you bite the bullet and lay down your hard earned cash for an iPad?

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  • I wanna see the reviews and try one out in the store before taking the dive
  • I already laid down the cash. I have no reason to believe it won't be just as impressive as my iPhone. Given how much I use my iPhone on a daily basis (constantly), I have no concerns about the usability of the iPad. I'll certainly enjoy reading reviews -- I'm sure the reviews will just increase my anticipation of receiving my own!
  • Rene make sure they send it to your Home address ;) and specify a time so you can sign
  • Couldn't agree with iBri anymore. If you love your iphone, you're going to love the iPad just as much. It's going to be love at first site for all the people in doubt once they walk into an Apple store and see all these beautiful big screens staring right at their faces.
  • Can I volunteer to review one?
  • Smart move because a lot of people want reviews before they buy it
  • There's an article dedicated to the fact that a product, whose release date is already known, might be shipping now? Sweet.
  • Good getting ipad and HTC Evo for 4g speed :)
  • @Matt
    These are being shipped to select companies for reviewing. The same way critics get a special screening of a movie before the public so they can give their biased opinions. :D
    I'm not much for reviews, I'd rather try it out in person before I make a final decision. I hope AT&T stores will have them because that's the closest thing to me besides an Apple (2 hours away) store and Best Buy (1 and a half hours away), if and when BB gets them.
  • I'm not really waiting for a review so much as I just don't have time to pick up an iPad on April 3 and won't be home for the delivery. So, I will have whatever "benefit" there is to picking one up after they are out in the wild. I just hope they make enough of these bad boys to meet the demand so that I don't have to wait for backorders to fill!
  • I see that the "WIN a FREE iPad!" sites and the "Test an iPad and keep it!" scammers are in full swing, as expected. And junk sites like Lockerz are all over it too.
  • No reviews necessary. I'm taking the plunge from Day 1 baby.
  • My credit card was charged today. This usually happens when goods are shipped. Depending where it's coming from and how it is shipped I may get my iPad before the 3rd! Can't wait...
  • Personally im waiting for reviews. Im still not fully sure. Like the iPhone no doubt when I see one in action ill want it!
  • My CC was charged today as well! Hope it arrives early!!
  • My card was also charged today. Although I didn't volunteer to test anything