Apple now selling iPad gift cards

Apple Stores are now selling iPad gift cards. Actually, let's rephrase that - Apple now has the option to package Apple gift cards in a giant piece of cardboard labeled as an "iPad Gift Card" and stamped with a picture of an iPad. The gift card itself is the same one Apple has always offered - sliver with a white Apple logo in the center.

The interesting thing to note is that this means iPads are now able to be purchased with a gift card. In the past, it was required to have a debit or credit card to buy an iPad (as with iPhones), so Apple must have changed their policy.

What I don't understand, is why anyone would give an iPad gift card instead of an actual iPad. Call me crazy, but if I was gifting an iPad, I'd want to witness the recipient taking it out of the box and using it for the first time. An iPhone gift card makes perfect sense since activation with a carrier is required, but for an iPad? Why?


Leanna Lofte

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