Apple Store Down in advanced of iPad 2 event

Wow, still 3 hours to go before the iPad 2 event and the Apple Online Store is already down? The chances of iPad 2 being available to buy following the event are slim but could pre-orders start as soon as today? Could something else be getting an update? (No white iPhone 4 rumors, please!) Or is this just the worst scheduled maintenance window ever?

[Thanks Alexander!]


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  • It's Apple just teasing us. It won't be down for 3 hours you can bet.
  • The Ipad2 showed up this morning on the german amazon page! Itll have a 1.2 Ghz processor and thunderbolt starting at 499 euros Amazon said its available at March 17th.
  • Fail
  • Here is the new ipad.... now you can't jailbreak!
    i wonder what today will bring?
  • That would make a lot outraged.
  • Maybe Verizon is going to get the iPhone. Er, uh, never mind.
  • It was the same on Feb 24th when new MBP hit the stores
  • You think they might be releasing the new MBP's again? Oh I hope so.
  • OMG!
    i cant take it anymore
    i want to know!!! NOW!
    damn... im so excited for today
  • You took the words right out of my mouth!
  • It may be new iPads as last week I was allowed in the repair/stock room to try out my iPad to see that I had finally got one with a good screen. Well today when I went for my 6th replacement they told me I could not go in their and test it. Even with security escorting.
  • May not be the case but it did get me excited :D
  • Or it could mean your not allowed in there regardless if an iPad 2 came out or not.
  • Yeah, but having been allowed several days prior with no questions asked...hmm
  • I'm so excited, wait a minute, all this means is that me and my will have a huge fight about me not needing the new iPad when I already have an iPad and an iPhone 4. Well, she usually gets over it in a month or two. I'll miss her pretty bad for a while.
  • I had heard.. That one day Chuck Norris got into a fight with a Unicorn, he roundhouse kicked that unicorn SO hard that it's tooth fell onto the ground creating a time space rift along with it. Chuck's quick reaction was to stomp on the tooth creating a 10" flat object which he then threw into the space rift sealing it off forever. Today.. That object will be revealed
  • And yet yes 3-4 times older then you. Show respect..
  • I am sure it s ipod 3g...
  • I'm sure that you're wrong.
  • No Problems in the Belgian Store :)
  • 3 words: Please Please Please
  • I assume you mean "in advance of."
  • White Verizon iPhone.
  • They're refreshing the MBP line again, so if you bought one last week, it's already out dated.
  • Thanks for being original Ryan Rife!
  • His was actually funny.
  • Can't wait till I hear jobs rant about how people don't need this and such . Eel if they don't need it then why is android doing so well.
  • What in the name of sweet Zombie-Jesus are you trying to say?
  • Android may be doing well, but iOS is doing better! SUCK IT! Android just doesn't mind whoring themselves out to any manufacturer that will take them. If they had ONLY, say, the Droid (and it wasn't manufactured by Motorola, but by Google), I really don't think they would be doing anywhere near as well. Just my thoughts. They could have even done a "DroidPad", solely, and I doubt it would have come close to iPad's numbers.
  • No Problem Georgia :)
  • I'm gonna go on record saying that I think Dood is intoxicated when he replies to people's posts. HAHA!
  • I should be.
  • I think they will be released today, someone mentioned to me last week that Apple stores were already receiving the units and they were being held. What was funny, well not funny was I was talking to an Apple associate when I was getting my iMac worked on and I was asking him if he was ready for the iPad 2. He than said "I do not know about an iPad 2, I do not talk about unreleased products, but you know sometimes we get product shipped to us in boxes that state do not open until this date" I thought that was odd
  • Um...the Apple store is working just fine for me, it's not down or anything...okay, someone HAS to be lying here! lol
  • The US Apple store is down as of this moment Justin. You're either in a different country that is unaffected, or YOU'RE the one lying.
  • It will be available today with retina display. Don't wake me up, it's a good dream.
  • Grammar fail.
    Apple Ipad 2
    1.2 GHZ processor
    Wifi and 3G
    499 Euros including all taxes
    Available march 17th
  • Ah and is has thunderbolt
  • I don't have an iPad, but am looking to buy an iPad 2 so can't wait to see what is going to be announced.
  • My apple store works? mine doesnt say its down..
  • The German Amazon store showed an ipad sale, apparently a pre-order page, stating March 17 as the delivery date...The age has since been removed.
    I find it odd to announce a new product with delayed availability or pre-order period. Apple has never done that before. Sales of the old ipad drop to zero immediately. And up to now Apple always made the updated devices available on the same day they presented it. Only new products were presented with pre-order delayed release date thus far.
  • Am I the only one who sees the new iPad 2 pictures and videos up on the Apple website?
  • Canadian store is back up. No iPad2 in the store (although it's on the main Apple page), but iPad1 prices have all been dropped by C$130!!!
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