UPDATED: Apple Store Down -- No iPad Pre-Orders, Could be Nothing...

UDPATE: Nothing. Behind-the-scenes maintenance or prep-work for some later update. Seriously. Can't find a difference...

ORIGINAYes, the Apple Store is down. We have no idea if this is for iPad pre-order setup, for some other product update/refresh, or for behind-the-scenes maintenance.

If you have any ideas, let us know in the comments and we'll update as soon as it's back!

[Thanks to Andy for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • They're just getting the store ready for the next product- the iTampon.
  • I doubt its pre-order.
    Until it gets FCC approval even a pre order is illegal.
  • Maintenance
  • MBP refresh with i5/i7 processors. Please!
  • It's ba..c..k....
  • The Apple store is back up!
  • So what's new on there?
  • Checked.... Still the old mbp :(
  • v-day stuff i think thats all
  • The Valentines Day stuff was already there before it went down. Was probably just maintenance. Doesn't appear to be anything new.
  • @Phrint MBP refresh please I've been holding off buying one
  • Damn, was so hoping for new MacPro's... When Apple, When! I can't wait any longer!
  • This is around the time of the year for the MBP update isn't it. Bring on the Blu-Ray player.
  • I wanna preorder a iPad
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