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The official Apple Store app is an easy and convenient way to browse and purchase new Apple products right from your iPhone. It is available via the App Store as a free download. The Apple Store app also lets you purchase accessories for Apple products, schedule Genius Bar appointments at your local Apple Retail Store, and even express pay for purchases while in-store via EasyPay.

Once you've installed the Apple Store app, you're ready to start browsing and buying products. The main menu presents you with a list of product categories to choose from. At its core, the Apple Store app is essentially a customized for iPhone version of the Apple Online Store. Unfortunately, the Apple Store app in its current form isn't optimized for the iPad. However, you can still download and run it on any iPad.

Almost anything you can access going to on a desktop computer is available via the Apple Store app. If you're buying an iPod, you can even request a custom engraving right through the app. For those that live near an Apple Retail Store, you can request pickups if they're available for the product you're ordering. For those ordering a new Mac computer, you can custom configure your options just as you would via the full blown Apple Online Store. You can then track your order and even sign up for push notifications when a product ships or changes status.

If you need to head into your local Apple Store for something, you can schedule a Genius Bar appointment ahead of time via the Apple Store app and even add it right to your calendar. The app can then notify you when your appointment is coming up so you don't forget. When you get to the Apple Store, you can check in for your appointing using the Apple Store app and even use it to pay for purchases via EasyPay, which greatly minimizes your wait time. Anyone who has ever been in a crowded Apple Store will appreciate EasyPay.

Whether you're planning a trip to your local Apple Store and want to streamline your visit or just want to have the added convenience of being able to order your products online, the Apple Store app is the best way to do both.

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