Apple Store is no longer selling the original iPad mini

Comparing the online Apple Store last night to what's available on the iPad section this morning, 9to5Mac confirmed that indeed Apple has silently removed the original iPad mini from view. The tablet was also removed from the specification comparison sheet, leaving the iPad mini 2 and 3, iPad Air and iPad Air 2 as the only products available for purchase.

The original iPad mini, launched in 2012 (see our review), remained available alongside its successor and received numerous price reductions, but became a difficult sell when compared against other hardware. The iPad mini ended up being only $50 less than the entry-level iPad mini 2, which comes with a Retina display and a more advanced processor.

Fear not if you're destined to purchase the iPad mini as you can still pick one up refurbished.

Via: 9to5Mac

Rich Edmonds