7 Prime Day Apple deals we're desperate to see in 2024 and the low prices we're holding out for

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While some fantastic Prime Day Apple deals are already live and unlikely to be beaten during the main event on July 16 and 17, there are a few noteworthy products that haven’t yet realized their discount potential in the run-up to the big day(s). 

There are a few products on the market right now that are absolutely ripe for brand-new low prices and hefty discounts, and I think these are well worth biding your time over. If you can’t wait, of course, many of them are already on sale, but a combination of age and discount history means they stick out as likely candidates for big savings. Here are my top seven picks:

 M2 MacBook Air 

  • Best price: $829
  • Price to hold out for: $799 

Apple’s M2 MacBook Air is a phenomenal portable laptop with great processing power and superb battery life. It started out life at $999 but routinely falls to a discounted price of $899 or $849. The best price we’ve ever seen on this model is $829. With Prime Day now just a few days away, and the price back up to nearly 900 bucks, I’d seriously suggest holding out to see whether Prime Day proper brings us that golden sub-$800 Price we’ve been waiting for. $789 or even $750 seems like a big ask, but $799 would constitute remarkable value for a MacBook Air that’s going to get Apple Intelligence support with macOS Sequoia later this year. Can’t wait? There’s a solid discount to be had right now, but this is one worth keeping an eye on:

MacBook Air M2 13-inch| $999$899 at Amazon

MacBook Air M2 13-inch| $999 $899 at Amazon

Currently $899, could we see a sub-$800 price tag on the M2 MacBook Air this Prime Day? We've come close with lows of $829, so fingers crossed!

Price checker: $999 at Apple | $999 at Best Buy | $829 at B&H Photo

 iPad 10 

  • Best Price: $324
  • Price to hold out for $299

The iPad 10 recently got a hefty price cut from Apple, and now retails as standard at $349. It’s spent plenty of time around the $325 mark recently, and we’re hoping for one final dip during Prime Day. This is Apple’s entry-level tablet, it comes with everything you’d expect in an iPad, vibrant colors, and even Apple Pencil support. It’s perfect for watching movies, playing arcade games, and doing a bit of online shopping. It’s great value at its new price, and a small discount is always welcome, but a serious reduction to take us below the $300 mark is the price drop we’re waiting for here. 

iPad 10th-gen | $349$325 at Amazon

iPad 10th-gen | $349 $325 at Amazon

Could we see a $299 iPad 10 during Prime Day? It wouldn't take much, but if it doesn't drop, the low price of $325 is still very respectable. 

Price check: $349 at Best Buy | $329 at B&H Photo | $349 at Apple

 M2 Mac mini 

  • Best Price: $479
  • Price to hold out for: $450

At iMore we absolutely love the M2 Mac mini. It’s the cheapest Mac money can buy, and in my view, it’s the perfect beating heart of a desktop Mac setup. The M2 Mac mini came out in January 2023, and since then it’s spent more time at a reduced price on Amazon than it has at RRP. The current price of $499 represents remarkable value for Mac in 2024, but we’re now into the territory where that price is likely to be beaten again on Prime Day. If you see the M2 Mac mini going for less than $479, strike while the iron is hot!

Mac mini M2 | $599$499 at Amazon

Mac mini M2 | $599 $499 at Amazon

Even at $499 this is a good deal, but we think Prime Day could deliver a desktop Mac surprise and our first ever look at a $450 M2 Mac mini. 

Price checker: $599 at Apple | $599 at Best Buy | $599 at B&H Photo

 iPad mini 6 

  • Best Price: $379
  • Price to hold out for: $350

Because the best price we’ve seen on the iPad mini thus far is such a good discount, our $350 target feels like a bit of a reach. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be hopeful. Apple’s tiny tablet is the best iPad for reading and is perfect for on-the-go web browsing, note-taking, and content consumption. As noted, it often sits at its current discounted price of $399, but it’s getting on a bit in years and an iPad mini 7 is reportedly just around the corner. To that end, a $350 would make this the best-value iPad on the market by my estimation, but that would also make for a 30% discount, which feels out of reach. Still, keep a close eye on iPad mini this Prime Day. 

iPad mini | $499$399 at Amazon

iPad mini | $499 $399 at Amazon

We're hoping to see a lower price for the iPad mini over Prime Day itself, as the savings on Amazon at the moment aren't very good. Previously we've seen as much $100 off, could we get the magic $350?

Price check: $399 at Best Buy | $469 at B&H Photo | $499 at Apple

Apple Watch SE 2 

  • Best Price: $179
  • Price to hold out for: $169

The Apple Watch SE is coming upon two years old and is due to be replaced by the Apple Watch SE 3 later this year. To that end, we’d love to see it drop below its best previous discount price of $179. We can’t ask for too much given its initially low listing price, so $169 seems like a good compromise. For that, you get the Apple Watch’s core experience — notably exercise tracking and health monitoring features such as heart rate tracking. The low price, of course, denotes the smaller 40mm case size, so a good price to watch out for the larger 44mm option is $200, the best previous price being $209. 

Apple Watch SE 2 GPS | $249$189 at Amazon

Apple Watch SE 2 GPS | $249 $189 at Amazon

A $179 Apple Watch SE would be a new all-time low and certainly one of the best wearable deals of the Prime Day event. Likewise, look out for a round $200 on the 44mm version. 

Price check: $249 at Best Buy | $249 at Apple  

Apple Watch Ultra 2

  • Best Price: $714
  • Price to hold out for: $689

Like the Apple Watch SE 2, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is likely to be replaced by the Apple Watch Ultra 3 later this year. Despite its very high price tag, the Apple Watch Ultra doesn’t usually see generous discounts, the best-recorded price is currently $719. The Ultra 2 does sometimes see sporadic discounts up to $659, but these deals are so hard to find, and on such low numbers of stock, that they don’t really constitute an official sale. A staunch discount price of $689 across the range is the price to look out for this year. 

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | $779 $714 at Amazon

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | $779 $714 at Amazon

Here's hoping for a sub-$700 Apple Watch Ultra 2, which would be a really decent saving on the current price and previous sales. 

Price check: $799 at Best Buy | $799 at Apple

M3 MacBook Pro 

  • Best Price: $1399
  • Price to hold out for: $1,299

This one is definitely a stretch, but we might as well finish with a bang. Apple’s M3 MacBook Pro retails at $1,599 but is routinely discounted down to as low as $1,399. Now that it’s a few months old, we’re looking for the best discount yet during the Prime Day sale. Ideally, a $1,299 price tag is the one to watch out for, but a more realistic expectation would be $1,249. Even then, that would bring the price down to less than some MacBook Air models, but Amazon Prime Day has surprised us before!

MacBook Pro M3 14-inch| $1,599$1,449 at Amazon

MacBook Pro M3 14-inch| $1,599 $1,449 at Amazon

Previously as low as $1,399, could we see $1,299 on the M3 MacBook Pro? It's definitely a stretch, but would be one of the steals of the summer if it came true. 

Price checker: $1,599 at Apple | $1,449 at Best Buy | $1,399 at B&H Photo

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