Apple news roundup: Final Cut and Logic Pro on iPad, an AirPods Max alternative, and Severance Season 2 grinds to a halt

Final Cut Pro on an iPad
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WWDC 2023 is just a few weeks away, but Apple is already dropping incredible software news with the advent of not one but two massive iPad apps. There are rumblings of a new set of Beats Studio Pro headphones that will finally replace the aging Beats Studio 3 headphones, and two big new Apple TV Plus shows have made headlines for very different reasons. 

Here's your roundup of Apple news for the week!

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro come to iPad

Final Cut Pro logic pro on ipad

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At any of the WWDC events in the last 10 years, Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro coming to iPad would have been the headline story of the year, save except for the announcement of Apple silicon a couple of years back. However, just four weeks away from WWDC 2023 Apple has decided to unveil both of them via press release on a random Tuesday afternoon. 

This begs the question just what on earth is Apple planning to announce at WWDC 2023 that is so big this had to be relegated to a press release? The answer is likely Apple VR, but don't be fooled, this is a major leap for iPad Pro and Apple's best iPads

Final Cut Pro is coming to the iPad Pro with a ton of specific features including touch controls, and Apple Pencil compatibility that includes support for drawing directly onto the video you're editing. Logic Pro for iPad also features the same input support, and both apps will let you capture and then edit video and audio respectively directly from your iPad. 

The two apps will be $4.99 a month each from the App Store, or cheaper at $49 if you pay for a whole year. 

Beats Studio Pro, are coming soon

gold Beats logo on a pair grey of headphones

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Apple's Beats Studio 3 headphones were released in October of 2017, and still demand a premium price despite being almost six years old. They do sound excellent and were my own personal go-to headphones for several years, but they are starting to get a bit long in the tooth. Thankfully, it looks like a replacement pair might finally be on the way, and they could give the AirPods Max a run for their money. 

First spotted in the latest macOS release candidate, the new "Beats Headset" model, dubbed Beats Studio Pros, look remarkably similar to the Studio 3 headphones in terms of design, notably their over-ear configuration, soft leather cups, and more. Right off the bat, we can see a new USB-C port to replace the old micro-USB, a welcome change. Interestingly, they've retained their 3.5mm headphone jack too. 

Digging from 9to5Mac has also revealed they'll have better noise canceling (the old ones were already very good), a new transparency mode, and Personalized Spatial Audio. 

Beats Studio Pro colors

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Severance season 2 filming shut down by strikes

Severance on Apple Tv Plus

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Reports this week have revealed that Severance Season 2 filming has been shut down by strikes. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) is currently undertaking a high-profile strike that saw members picket York Studios in New York. Staff on the shoot refused to cross the picket line, bringing filming on the hotly-anticipated second season to a halt.

At least one report suggests that these strikes could last for months, throwing the release window for the next season into serious doubt. Severance is one of Apple's most popular Apple TV Plus shows and remains one of the few titles that has transcended the Applesphere to become a mainstream success. 

New Apple TV Plus show Silo could be another hit

Apple TV Plus Silo key art

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In better news for Apple in the streaming world, its new episodic dystopian Sci-Fi thriller Silo has a cracking Rotten Tomatoes score of 91%. For reference, Ted Lasso, arguably the best show on Apple TV Plus, has 92%. 

"With deft writing, awe-inspiring production design, and the inestimable star power of Rebecca Ferguson, Silo is a mystery box well worth opening." In a sure sign of a great watch, RT's fan score is actually the same as the critics' score, not something you see every day. 

Based on a trilogy of Hugh Howey novels, Silo tells the story of an underground shelter built to save ten thousand people from a deadly and toxic earth. The only thing is, no one knows when or why the Silo was built, and asking questions is not a good idea. The trailer alone should be enough to tell you that Apple has another barnstorming hit on its hands. 

Review and Editorials

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Away from the news this week, we've got some great features and some excellent product reviews for you to feast your eyes on, take a look at some of the best below!

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