Beat the rush this Prime Day — here are three incredible Apple deals you can already snag

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Road to Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2024

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Prime Day is just mere days away, as Amazon will reduce loads of items across its storefront so that you can get the devices you’ve been looking for with some massive savings. There is, however, a problem — as more eyes than ever are on the site, it means that products sell out far quicker than they usually would.

Perhaps people have arrived to buy a reduced iPad, and then notice that the AirPods are also reduced, so into the basket they go. Maybe they just spotted a great price on an Apple Watch while nabbing some cut-price hair straighteners, or they came for an iPad Air and came away with an iPad Pro. Either way, stock over these events is one to watch out for, and if you’re not careful, you could risk all the stock running out.

To avoid disappointment, if you’re worried about stock levels over the weekend, you can always pick up an Apple device that’s already been reduced on Amazon. There are some great prices to be had on some top devices, and we’ve found three Prime Day Apple deals that you should definitely think about picking up before the Prime Day sale commences.

Pre-Prime Day deals

AirPods 2

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AirPods 2 |$129$79 at Amazon

AirPods 2 | $129 $79 at Amazon

They might not be the snazziest pickup in the AirPods line, but their price and feature set make them more than perfect for a spare pair or a replacement for an aging set. This price is the lowest we’ve ever seen them as well, with a massive $50 saving on full price.

We can’t see them going much, if any, lower than this over Prime Day, so they should be a fairly safe buy before the sale. They’re comfortable, connect like magic, and have that characteristic AirPods style to let everyone know that you like Apple gear. You can even hook them up to an Apple TV 4K so that you can watch your TV and movies without disturbing anyone else around. You can pick up a pair on Amazon for their lowest price ever.

iPad mini

Ipad Mini 6 2021 Lifestyle Touch Id

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iPad mini |$499$399 at Amazon

iPad mini | $499 $399 at Amazon

The iPad mini is the smallest iPad that you can buy, making it perfect if you want something super portable. It’s currently close to its lowest price as well, making for the perfect pre-Prime Day iPad deal. There’s a $100 discount on the tablet, making the price now $399 instead of $499.

There are rumors that there will soon be a new iPad mini this year, but we’re yet to see one materialize as yet. Either way, this 8-inch tablet is a great option for students who want a note-taking tablet, especially when paired with an Apple pencil. There are a range of colors on offer as well, including Space Gray, Starlight, Purple, and Pink. The price on this one might go down over Prime Day, but there’s also a chance that it could run out of stock as well. If you want to guarantee yourself an iPad mini, then this deal is a great opportunity.

Mac mini

M2 Mac mini on a wooden desk

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Mac mini | $599$499 at Amazon

Mac mini | $599 $499 at Amazon

Mac minis are some of our favorite desktop computers, packing some powerful internals and macOS into slick diminutive chassis that have very tasty prices to match. This deal will save you $100 on a Mac mini at the moment — not quite the machine's lowest price ever, but close enough to make it a great buy.

This model has the M2 chip at its center, a powerful 8-core CPU that will handle almost anything you could throw at it beyond the most strenuous tasks. This means that video editing and photo editing are more than possible, and if you hook it up to one of the best 4K monitors for Mac then you’ve got a great desk setup. Remember that you’ll need to grab one of the best mice for Mac and a great mechanical keyboard for Mac, and you’re away.

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