Four years of future Apple products just leaked — foldable iPhone, a cheaper Vision Pro, and AR glasses reportedly in the pipeline

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A product roadmap of Apple’s plans for the next four years reveals the company has some significant upgrades in the pipeline for several of its major product categories, including a new foldable iPhone, a foldable iPad, and some futuristic AR glasses. 

The “leaked” roadmap comes by way of @Tech_Reve (Revegnus) on X, regularly accurate in their tech leaks, who says the source for the information is “Samsung securities.” Samsung Display is a major Apple display partner, providing panels such as the OLED LTPO display in Apple’s best iPhones, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. As such, the leak is heavily skewed towards the display technology behind these purported products, but doesn’t sound too far removed from product rumors we might have heard previously. 

As such, the timeline seems to confirm that following Apple Vision Pro, the next significant display upgrade will come in the form of an OLED iPad Pro, which we’re expecting to see launch as early as the end of this month. Alongside OLED, that new iPad could also feature an M3 chip, last showcased in the M3 MacBook Air

Apple’s product lineup beyond 2025

Regarding the iPhone 16, the report seems to confirm the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro will get the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 5x zoom lens as well as a bigger display. In 2025, Apple is reportedly going to unveil a new iPhone SE 4, and this timeline also seems to indicate the iPhone 17 will feature three 48MP camera sensors. 

Things start to get really exciting in 2026. According to this leak, a foldable iPhone will debut for the first time alongside a “low-end XR” device, likely a cheaper Apple Vision Pro, and a new OLED MacBook. This will reportedly retain the 14- and 16-inch form factor of the current M3 MacBook Pro lineup. Another snippet says Apple could unveil a new OLED iPad Air and iPad mini in 2026. Finally, the timeline claims that in 2027 Apple will unveil its fabled Apple Glasses alongside a foldable iPad. 

As noted, many of these products have previously been rumored as being in Apple’s pipeline, so there aren’t too many surprises here. Perhaps the biggest discrepancy with existing rumors is the notion that Apple’s iPhone will be the first foldable the company releases. Recent reports have claimed a foldable MacBook is the only product with a clear development schedule, while others have said a foldable device will be an iPad or a MacBook, rather than a phone

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