Kindle Scribe is the only iPad Pro alternative I’d truly consider — and that was before it got a $75 discount

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The iPad Pro is the best tablet in the world — no question. With its ProMotion screen, current-generation M2 Apple silicon chip, excellent iPadOS apps, and versatile Apple Pencil support, it’s a do-everything device. It’s a genuine laptop replacement these days, and it never leaves my side.

So why am I always tempted to splash the cash whenever I see the Kindle Scribe?

In many ways, it’s Amazon’s answer to the iPad Pro. With a 10.2-inch screen, its core experience also revolves around stylus support. But, as anyone familiar with the Kindle range might have spotted by the name, there’s one key difference — an e-ink, rather than LCD display.

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It instantly makes the Kindle Scribe a less versatile device. Its grayscale, low-refresh rate display isn’t cut out for video, gaming or photo editing. And that’s before you talk about the other commissions, such as a camera or App Store.

But that’s kind of the appeal. Kindle Scribe is attractive because of its limitations, and its specialization. It’s all about reading and note taking, and not much else. That screen is very easy on the eye, just like a large-scale dedicated e-reader — it avoids being reflective, and is back-lit, letting you read for hours without fatigue. And that screen/pen combo is, in my opinion, more natural feeling than with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil — there’s more drag and friction, just like with a lead pencil, than you get with an iPad’s glass screen (unless you put an artist-friendly screen protector on it). 

It’s a limited device then, focusing on reading and writing, but that distraction-free purposefulness actually appeals to me. When I’m reading, it’s so easy to lose focus on the words in front of me while using an iPad, with notifications and the entire internet at my fingertips. [Note the Scribe can access a browser, but it’s a ropey experience that you’ll likely want to avoid]. Likewise, when I’m jotting down notes and sketches, I want as few distractions as possible too, and want to feel as ‘close’ to the page as possible. Like other Kindles, the Scribe feels closer to an actual book or notepad, and that’s still something I miss as we continue the march toward an all-digital future.

With a $75 dollar discount currently on the Kindle Scribe, that trade-off between focus and capabilities feels a bit more stomachable. Usually priced at $339.99, it’s currently down to $264.99. You’ll get more done (at a higher cost) with an iPad Pro, but $264.99 might just be about the price where I’m ready to make the jump.

Kindle Scribe and iPad Deals

Amazon Kindle Scribe | $339.99$264.99 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Scribe | was $339.99 now $264.99 at Amazon

Here's a great one if you've been eying up an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, a $75 discount on the Kindle Scribe is an enticing offer. If all you care about is reading books and writing notes, this is actually arguably a better experience than Apple's much more expensive alternative.

Kindle Scribe | £329.99 £264.99 at Amazon

Kindle Scribe | was £329.99 now £264.99 at Amazon

The same great tablet from our US deal above, offered here at a discount GBP price for UK readers. It's a bargain considering the relatively recent release date of the Kindle Scribe.

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iPad Pro 12.9-inch | Was $1099 $1049 at Amazon

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iPad mini | Was $499 Now $399 at Amazon

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