What's Apple.com/iChatMobile for? iPhone? iTablet? More iUnicorns?

No sooner did iSlate.com surface than 9to5mac has noted that http://apple.com/ichatmobile doesn't return a "page not found" error, but rather redirects to Apple's iChat for Mac OS X.

Could be nothing, of course. (But if I didn't post this next part, Chad would never forgive me). Or, in the best-case scenario, Apple is finally (finally) putting the pieces in place to launch an actual, mobile iChat application for the iPhone (and perhaps just-as-mytical at this point, iTablet).

Now whether it will be text-only IM, or use video, or indicates the 4th generation iPhone and rumored iSlate will have a front-facing camera is a box of crazy even we're not opening this holiday season!

Rene Ritchie

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