Athos fitness wear records your muscles during a workout

Fitness tracking is only as good as the thing you have strapped to your body, with a good portion of CES this year serving as evidence, and so the folks at Athos decided to make entire outfits that measure your activities. These outfits are designed to be worn in just about any environment, across a range of sizes and body types, and can even be comfortably worn under your regular clothing. What you get in return is a remarkable amount of data that you lookup after a workout via the Athos App. The way Athos has chosen to represent the muscular activity is particularly impressive, and makes a strong case for this kind of tech being a standard in medical services like physical therapy sessions to determine how your muscles are doing their thing.

Rene and Adam walk you through the details in the video, but if you're into tracking how your body behaves in a workout this should absolutely be on your list.

Russell Holly

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