AT&T expands pre-paid GoPhone service to iPad 3 and iPad mini

AT&T is expanding its pre-paid GoPhone service to include a limited number of tablets for the first time. This will allow users with compatible tablets to purchase data time on AT&T's network on a monthly basis.

AT&T's list of GoPhone-compatible tablets includes Apple's third-generation iPad and the iPad mini. Owners of these products must also purchase a $9.99 GoPhone SIM Kit card in order to use the service. Once that's done, they can pre-pay for their tablet data on AT&T's network.

For $15 a month, users can access just 250 MB of data, and 100MB of additional data can be purchased for $10 each. For a $30 monthly fee, the data limit goes way up to 3GB, with 500MB more for $10 each. Finally, paying $50 a month gives tablet owners on GoPhone 5GB of data, with each extra GB worth $10.

Assuming you own an iPad 3 or iPad mini, is this pre-paid service from AT&T something you might want to use?

Source: AT&T

John Callaham

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