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August Smart Lock goes on sale at Apple retail stores this week

The August Smart Lock, which started shipments in late August, will now go on sale in Apple's retail stores beginning this week for the price of $249.99.

The lock, which opens via a smartphone app and Bluetooth hardware, has gotten a lot of attention for its technology. However, it's also gotten some bad press based on the fact that not all of the company's pre-orders have shipped to their customers yet. In a blog post, August explained why they are going ahead with a retail launch even though they are still catching up on pre-orders:

Thousands of our early supporters indicated that, because the August Smart Lock needs to fit the look and feel of their homes, they would prefer to see the product in person and understand the installation requirements. To that end, we partnered with Apple — a company committed to building world-class products and providing an excellent consumer experience at their stores.

The company added that it may still take up to 90 days to ship orders for the smart lock that are placed today. What do you think of the decision to start offering the August Smart Lock in Apple stores?

Source: August

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