BBC holding an event at the same time as the iPad 2 launch, are they linked?

The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) is holding an unspecified press event on Wednesday March 2nd at 6pm GMT, which coincides exactly to the Apple iPad 2 launch event.

Now this could be pure coincidence, but throw into the mix that the BBC event will be hosted by none other than self confessed Apple fan Stephen Fry and this sets alarm bells ringing. Mr Fry was one of the first people to get their hands on the original iPad last year so it all starts to make sense, well a little anyway!

Another point to note, prior to the launch of the BBC’s iPlayer app for iPad earlier this month, an engineer working on the project for the BBC tweeted that the BBC app “Will take advantage of the higher-res screen that the iPad 2 has got.” “HD content will look good.”

Now we have since heard rumor after rumor that the iPad 2 will have the same display as the current version, but this may throw a spanner into the works. Will there be a live link between the two events? Are they connected? Is this just a coincidence? On Wednesday we will find out for sure!



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