BBC to roll out update for iPlayer Radio with offline playback

The BBC has announced plans to roll out an update to the official iPlayer Radio apps on Android and iOS. The British corporation will be updating both platform solutions with offline listening. This update will enable users to download radio shows in advance and listen to them without being connected. Said shows can be stored locally for up to 30 days, and will even include content from the BBC Proms.

Prior to this update, BBC iPlayer Radio fans have had to stream the catalogue of shows over Wi-Fi or cellular connections, limiting exactly how and where you can use the app. Once the latest version of the affected apps have rolled out, those on Android and iOS will be able to download programmes in advance and listen to them, even while in a tunnel or on an aeroplane.

It's perfect timing with the BBC Proms just around the corner. The update isn't live yet, but here's the link you can use to download the app and prepare your device:

Source: BBC

Rich Edmonds