Belkin's CES 2019 lineup includes new Wemo light switches, Linksys routers, and more

Belkin is coming to CES 2019 fully loaded with all new gear from major brands like Linksys, Wemo, Phyn, and more. These products range from ultra durable charging cables to all-new smart home devices to boosted wireless routers. Whether you use Apple HomeKit or Amazon's Alexa, you'll find something to integrate into your ecosystem.

The biggest and the best come from Belkin Wemo. In 2019, Wemo plans to release a whole new lineup of light switches with native Apple HomeKit compatibility. Wemo's original lineup of smart plugs and dimmers needed the Wemo Bridge add-on. That's no longer the case thanks to software updates, and having HomeKit work out of the box is a huge and welcome change for these smart home products. The Wemo light switches will include an updated design and options for single-pole at $39.99 or three-way for $49.99. The light switch will allow you to control home lighting where a smart plug just isn't good enough, and you can do it with your phone or by talking directly to Siri.

Linksys is doubling down on Mesh Wi-Fi with the Max Stream AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh wireless router. It's actually available on Amazon and Best Buy right now and for $20 lower than it will be when it releases. This router combines a lot of features that have become popular this year, like MU-MIMO technology for homes with several devices connecting at once, and Tri-Band Wi-Fi for combined speeds up to 2.2 Gbps.

Plus, if you want to buy a Velop Wi-Fi node, you can very simply add and connect it with this router to extend your wireless signal around your home. We call it a "Wi-Fi Blanket" and it helps you maintain a strong, speedy signal even in places that are normally dead zones. The modular design means you only have to add the nodes you need. Automatic software updates will keep your entire home secure.

You'll also have access to Linksys Shield, a new premium subscription service for Velop users. It will help you block unwanted content, provide an extra layer of digital protection for your devices, and add advanced browsing protection so you don't accidentally wonder onto a malicious site and get infected with malware. The parental control service will start at $4.99 a month and be available in February. The network security service will be just $1.99 a month and is coming later in 2019.

The other devices include the Phyn Plus smart water assistant. This sounds similar to controllers we've seen like the Rachio 3 and Orbit B-hyve. Only the Phyn doesn't monitor just a yard or sprinkler system, it monitors your whole home. Detect leaks anywhere, automatically shut off main water to prevent damage, monitor your use over time, and more. You'll be able to connect with Amazon Alexa for updates, too.

Beyond these three big products, expect a lot more from Belkin this year. The new Boost Charge Lightning and USB-C cables include a re-engineered design to maximize durability and strength. They won't tangle, come with leather straps for organization, and some even offer Quick Charge 4.0 technology for faster charging with phones that are compatible. The Rockstar headphones coming out this summer will have a direct Lightning connector for iPhone users. No more need for that tiny adapter that I keep losing. Later versions will include USB-C as well.

John Levite

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