Best 4K Camcorders iMore 2021

What makes a good camcorder? That's a complicated question that mostly revolves around your particular needs, but if you need to record in the best quality possible, you should take a look at these 4K camcorders. Since the market for camcorders is smaller than it used to be, the prices are lower than ever.

Versatile shooting: Sony 4K HD Camcorder

Staff pick

This Sony shoots with a Zeiss lens backed by optical Steady Shot image stabilization. Video is always clear, never shaky, and the full 4K HD outputs stunning detail. Videos are shareable via onboard Wi-Fi, and the Sony can also stream your adventures live.

$798 at Amazon

Infrared Dark Vision included: Kictek 4K Digital Wi-Fi Camcorder

The Kicktek 4K camcorder comes with a detachable microphone for on-the-go escapades, vlogging, or even family get-togethers. An infrared dark vision mode lets you shoot high-quality footage in poorly-lit environments. Now that's cool!

$223 at Amazon

Ideal for vlogging: Fambrow 4K Video HD Camcorder

The Fambrow 4K camcorder is light and portable. It has a webcam function, an ideal feature for those who want to vlog. Also, it can connect to Wi-Fi, allowing you to control the camera via your smartphone and even share images and videos without needing to upload to your computer.

$204 at Amazon

Eliminates background noise: ORDRO 4K HD Digital Camcorder

The ORDRO camcorder has an impressive list of features. Time-lapse recordings compress long footage into shorter videos that are ideal for online sharing. The external microphone picks up sound while eliminating background noise, and JPEG and MP4s are both supported.

$330 at Amazon

Twin-camera effect with smartphones: Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Camcorder

The Panasonic captures high-quality 4K photos from video frames. So cool! No matter what format you shoot, you can save individual images too. This Sony attaches to your smartphone to give you two cameras in one. It's an excellent feature for creating multiple scenes and angles. In-camera editing is possible on the fly with the Sony, which means you spend less time editing later.

$598 at Amazon

Which 4K camcorder should you buy?

Our favorite 4K camcorder is the Sony 4K HD Camcorder. It's a hefty investment but offers the most versatile shooting experience available today.

If a more affordable vlogging camera is what you need, go for the FamBrow. With a 48-megapixel lens, 16X zoom, and an IPS touchscreen, this is a bargain-priced camera with some fancy features.

When the sound matters as much as the video quality, the ORDPRO is an easy choice. This camcorder isolates voices, separating them from background noise, while also producing crisp video.

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