Best 4K camcorders 2022

Sony Hero
Sony Hero (Image credit: Sony)

Which features and specs make our list of the best 4K camcorders this year? Size, price, and build quality are a few of the things we looked at in camcorders. These days, camcorders are a little harder to find than they have been in years past. With many of today's best mirrorless cameras and DSLRs shooting high-resolution video, the camcorder market is a lot smaller. However, if you're a diehard videographer, you know a camcorder is still your best bet for getting useable footage. Here are our top picks of the year.

Which 4K camcorder should you buy?

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As we previously mentioned, camcorders are much harder to find these days thanks to the popularity of our phones, plus DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, which can take both video and photos. However, sometimes you need a 4K camcorder to get the job done and get it done reliably. Some camcorders can do underwater shooting, while others have features like infrared night vision for more versatility.

Our favorite 4K camcorder is the Sony FDRAX53/B. It's a hefty investment but offers the most versatile shooting experience available today. If a more affordable camera is what you need, go for the Zohulu 4K. It captures action day or night and has an impressive wide-angle lens. If you want to take video from above, take a look at our review of the Mavic Air 2.

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