Best Accessories for DJI Osmo Pocket iMore 2020

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a game-changing piece of gear for photographers and videographers on-the-go. With a 3-axis gimbal, it's near impossible to get a shaky shot from this pocketable powerhouse. To get the most from your Osmo Pocket, you're going to want a few accessories. These top our list of favorites.

Attach everything: DJI Accessory Mount

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The DJI Accessory Mount is something we consider essential. This small clamp lets you attach for Osmo Pocket to a tripod, GoPro mount, or other compatible camera accessories. This clamps around the body of your Osmo Pocket, and it has a standard GoPro style mount on the backend to connect other accessories.

$18 at Amazon

Better looking video: Freewell ND Filters

Freewell ND Filters are magnetic. They snap over the lens of your Osmo Pocket. ND filters protect the camera lens while also giving you crystal clear footage in any lighting. This kit includes eight filters, all of which are scratchproof, waterproof, and dustproof. If you're a creative shooter, this kit is a must-have.

$130 at Amazon

Bundle up: DJI Osmo Pocket Part 13 Expansion Kit

The official DJI Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit gives you four tools in one package. This outstanding kit includes a GoPro-style mount, a wireless adapter to connect your phone to your cam over WiFi, a thumb wheel, and a memory card. If you don't want to hassle with ordering accessories separately, this is the way to go.

$85 at Amazon

Max protection: Smatree Hardy Carrying Case

A proper case is something you invest in for peace of mind. The Smatree hard carrying case has foam inserts that cushion your camera and accessories while you're on the move. Plus, there's an internal zipper pocket in this case for cables and memory cards. Super handy! There are also precise cutouts for your Osmo Pocket, a charging case, an extension rod, a wireless module, a controller wheel, ND filters, and more.

$33 at Amazon

Gimbal locked: PGYTECH gimbal protector

The 3-axis gimbal is what makes the Osmo Pocket so amazing, and it's not something you want to accidentally damage. And that's why it's a good idea to keep it protected and out of harm's way. The PGYTECH gimbal protector is a plastic hood that locks in place when you're not using your camera. It protects the lens and gimbal, and it's worth every penny.

$9 at Amazon

Scratchproof the screen: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protectors 2-pack

Keep the display on your Osmo Pocket looking like new with a screen protector. This two-pack from Spigen is made from tempered glass and rated at 9H on the hardness scale. The rounded edges avoid chipping, and fingerprints don't gather on the glass. Spigen's screen protectors are easy to install, and they're a no-brainer for any Osmo Pocket owner.

$10 at Amazon

Wire free: DJI Wireless Module

Wireless connectivity is not baked into the Osmo Pocket, but that doesn't mean you can't add it. The DJI Wireless Module lets you operate your cam remotely from your phone or tablet over WiFi. It's also fantastic at adding some stability to your Osmo Pocket when it's on a level surface. A USB-C port in the center also charges your cam, so you never miss shot.

$54 at Amazon

One handed: DJI Controller Wheel

The official DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel gives you precise pan and tilt control via a built-in dial. You also get two added buttons for improved shooting and compositions. You can change gimbal modes quickly, shoot faster, and dial in the perfect shots with this controller wheel.

$53 at Amazon

Fast storage: Sandisk Extreme 64GB micro SD card

A good micro SD card is essential for the Osmo Pocket if you're going to be shooting 4K video. This one from Sandisk has a fast write speed and plenty of storage, and it comes with an affordable price tag. Also included, an SD adapter to use with your PC or Mac.

$16 at Amazon

Add your phone: PolarPro Cinema Grip

The PolarPro Cinema Grip locks your phone to the Osmo Pocket and gives you additional mount spaces. The grip is super comfortable, allowing you to film longer. Three additional mounts provide you with space for lights, microphones, tripods, or other accessories. Put your phone front and center with this mount to give yourself a clear, large view while running and gunning it.

$35 at Amazon

Extend your reach: DJI Osmo Pocket Extension Rod Phone Holder

Give yourself a bit more reach with this official DJI Pocket Extension Rod. Your DJI camera fits in the upper part of the mount and phone locks into place on the device mount. Wirelessly connect them both and grab selfies, normally out of reach shots, and see all the action as it unfolds on your large mobile phone screen.

$59 at Amazon

Pocket and go

Your DJI Osmo Pocket is a powerful piece of equipment, but it can do so much more with a few accessories. Add a crap ton of accessories with the DJI Osmo Accessory Mount. This inexpensive clamp gives you space to mount brackets for other accessories.

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You will up your video skills with Freewell ND Filters. This pack of eight filters prevents sunspots and gives you the ability to capture cinematic-style shots. And don't forget a memory card! Store your work on a trusty SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD. Read/write speeds are fast, and the price is right.

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