So you have your new Fujifilm Instax Mini — congrats! You now own the coolest and most stylish insta-film camera on the market!

… But what about the accessories?!

Here are some of the best Fujifilm Instax Mini accessories out there!

Sunmns Color Lens Filters

Add a little pop of color to your Instax prints (you certainly can't add a filter after!) with the Sunmns Color Lens Filters.

These lenses work simply by clipping on and over your Fujifilm Instax Mini lens in order to add a slight or more extreme wash of color. There are even a few lenses with little patterns like hearts and circles to change up your Fujifilm Instax Mini photoshoots.

The Sunmns Color Lens Filters comes with a convenient little box for all your lenses and a cleaning cloth to keep them dust free!

You can pick up your very own Sunmns Color Lens Filters for $12.

Katia Shining Camera Case with Strap

Worried about your Fujifilm Instax Mini getting banged around while you're out shooting or at a party? Then you might want the Katia Shining Camera Case with Strap!

This translucent case is littered with eye-catching glitter, while the attachable strap keeps your Instax Mini safe around your neck when you're not shooting. Just snap on the case and start shooting! You'll still have access to all buttons and features even if the case is on.

You can pick up the Katia Shining Camera Case with Strap in a translucent color, a purple shade, a blue color, and a pink color.

This particular Instax accessory will cost you between $10 to $11 depending on the color you want!

5 in 1 Colorful Sticker Frame Pack

Hang your Instax photos or stick 'em in a stellar, super colorful, super fun frame with help from the 5 in 1 Colorful Sticker Frame Pack!

These adorable accessories can be used in lieu of buying more expensive film as the frames can be stuck directly onto your Instax print out without covering your original photograph, while the colorful plastic frames make displaying your favorite Instax moments effortlessly!

The kit also comes with hanging frames and adorable, colorful clothespins that you can use to hang your Instax prints around your house.

You can pick up with 5 in 1 Colorful Sticker Frame Pack in two sizes: basic, or giant! The giant stuff just comes with more frames, stickers, and hanging frames.

The basic size will cost you $8, while the giant size will cost you $13.

Katia Mini Zipper Camera Case

Keep it stylish, keep it it classy, and keep it super adorable with the Katia Mini Zipper Camera Case!

This PU leather carrying case is designed to house and hold your Instax Mini and some other accessories like lenses or a strap. The front pocket is larger for your camera, while a slimmer back pocket is perfect for your iPhone or a small wallet.

The inside of the Katia Mini Zipper Camera Case is super soft, so you won't have to worry about your camera getting dinged up if you're going on a more treacherous adventure with your Instax!

You can get the Katia Mini Zipper Camera Case in pink, blue, or brown, or in some funky colors and patterns like beige with buttons, floral, and peacock for around $20.

Sprite Science Mini Photo Album

Now that you've used your first pack of film and taken a bajillion pictures with your Instax, you're going to want a safe spot to store 'em so you can look back on your memories fondly. Cue the Sprite Science Mini Photo Album!

This photo album is specially formulated to fit specifically Instax Mini film. For $7, you get 84 pockets for all of your photos.

There's even a front pocket on the album for you to display your favorite photo!

You can pick up your very own Sprite Science Mini Photo Album in blue, coral, pink, and red, or get it with some more eye-catching patterns like orange, black, and yellow leaf, bird print, fox print, bear print, leaf print, or tree print!

Clover Close-up Cat Selfie Lens

If you're someone who's recently picked up a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, then you'll know how awesome the selfie mirror is at the front, and you've also probably played around with the macro attachment: but what about older models of the Instax?

The Clover Close-up Cat Selfie Lens combines selfie taking and macro photography in one effortless package! With the lens you can get more detailed close-up shots, and with the larger Hello Kitty-like mirror, you can always aim for that perfect selfie!

Just snap the lens onto your camera, aim, and start shooting the perfect instant selfie!

You can pick up the Clover Close-up Cat Selfie Lens for $6.

What are your top Fujifilm Instax Mini accessories?

Is there a particular lens or maybe a bag that you love to use with your Fujifilm Instax Mini that didn't make it on the list?

Let me know what your top picks are in the comments below and I'll be sure to check 'em out!

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