Best Accessories for Kodak Printomatic iMore 2021

Even in a world that includes smartphone photography and crazy 50x zooms, instant print cameras as still a thing. These quirky, fun little cams have managed to carve out their little corner of the market, and new shooters continue to be drawn into the endless possibilities of returning to film. The Kodak Printomatic is one of our favorite instant cameras. If you've picked one up recently, we want to share our favorite accessories with you. Let's do this.

Ltgem Kodak Printomatic Hard Case Render Cropped

Keep it protected: LTGEM EVA Hard Case

Staff favorite

Hard cases add the most protection to your gear, and this model from LTGEM is no exception. It fits the Printomatic snugly and includes a zippered pocket for storing memory cards, charging cables, and other small items. The strap on the LTGEM EVA Hard Case is detachable, so the entire case is easy to handle or stuff in a backpack.

$12 at Amazon

Get that paper: Kodak Premium Zink Photo Paper

This pack of Kodak Premium Zink Photo Paper will keep you in business. Zink paper uses no ink and doesn't come in a cartridge, so it's less wasteful than the film of yesterday. Kodak Zink paper is treated with a glossy, protective coating that makes it water and tear-resistant and brings old bold, vivid colors.

$25 at Amazon

Carry it safely: Kodak Soft Camera Case

This case comes straight from the makers of the camera, so you know it's a perfect fit. There's a small pocket on the inside to carry a few pieces of paper and a shoulder strap so you can bring it along on your adventures hands-free. It comes in black, gray, and blue.

$15 at Amazon

Don't lose it: Kodak Printomatic Neck Strap

If you're anything like me, you lose things. You set something down and instantly forget where you put it. Kodak's Printomatic neck strap solves that problem and also gives you a way to keep your camera close. This strap is comfy to wear, adjustable, and comes in fresh Kodak yellow or subtle gray.

$8 at Amazon

Have fun with your photos: Kodak Decorative Border Stickers

The fun doesn't need to stop when you print out your pictures. This massive set of border stickers let you decorate photos to your heart's content. You'll get 100 perfectly sized stickers that add a touch of color to the border of photos.

$10 at Amazon

Show off your work: Kodak Photo Album

Some of our family's fondest memories live in old photo albums like this one. This Kodak album is sized for 2x3 Kodak Printomatic pictures. There are 64 photo windows, and images slide in and out easily. Grab an album in black, blue, purple, or red.

$12 at Amazon

The best case for you is ..

Instant cameras are fun gadgets to have around, and accessories are a great way to personalize and protect your gear. The best accessories for your Kodak Printomatic are the ones you'll use. That's true for every gadget, right? One of my top picks is the LTGEM EVA Hard Case. It's lightweight enough for travel while giving my camera top-notch protection against scratches, drops, and Mother Nature.

It's the paper that makes the print! We love Kodak Premium Zink Photo Paper Bundle. This bundle gives you 50 sheets of high-quality paper so you can share your images with friends and family.

We love photo albums and the ability to share our pictures with those not on social media. The Kodak Photo Album holds 64 shots from your Printomatic. Get this sleek album in red, black, blue, red, or purple.

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