Best Accessories for the Ninja Foodi iMore 2021

So, you're the proud owner of a Ninja Foodi. We feel the love, but to get the most out of your swanky multicooker, you must accessorize. While the standard Ninja Foodi accessories are pretty capable, there are a few more gadgets and gizmos you need in your kitchen that can take you from ninja-level to samurai sleek. We've rounded up a selection of items we find make all the difference when using our Foodis.

Cake pan

Anodize this: Fat Daddio's Round Cake Pan

Staff Pick

Cake pans come in use for so much more than just cakes. This particular product from well-respected brand Fat Daddio's fits perfectly into both the 6.5 and 8-quart Foodi pressure cookers. The base slides out for easy removal of baked products. Its anodized-aluminum construction means it both heats up and cools down quickly -- perfect for recipes where timing precision is essential.

Pot pinchers

Claw paw: Fred & Friends Pot Pinchers

Defend your digits from pressure cooker heat with these awesome, lobster claw-style pot pinchers. Fun meets functionality as the humorous design belies their absolute usefulness. They are made of heat-resistant silicone that will stop you from getting fiery fingers and thumbs when you're moving or removing things from your Foodi.

$16 at Amazon
Cake Tester

Star probe: The Pampered Chef Cake Tester

This simple tool has multiple uses in the kitchen. This tool is designed to help you work out if your baked goodies are done. Simply insert it into the middle and check that it comes out clean. It is also useful to help release cakes and bakes from molds by running it carefully around the edges. Also, it acts as a temperature tester! Stick the stainless steel part into meat or fish, and you can check that you've got food hot in the middle.

$22 at Amazon
Foodi cover

It's a wrap: Debbiedoo's Pressure Cooker Cover

Don't get us wrong; we love our Ninja Foodis. However, their large footprint and professional catering look don't fit our ideal design aesthetic. You can get dust covers that are perfectly sized to conceal your pressure cooker. This option is custom made to fit both sizes of Ninja Foodi. Plus, it offers a snazzy black and grey kitchen utensil design and has a zippered top cover panel to store the lid.

$40 at Amazon

Steam genie: OXO Silicone Pressure Cooker Steamer

We see your stainless steel steamers and your stackable bamboo and raise you this silicone option from OXO. Designed for use in pressure cookers, this has flexible pleats to fit into any size space. It can handle large capacities thanks to its flat bottom, which fits larger items such as fillets of fish. It won't scratch your cooker's precious innards and rolls up for compact storage.

Silicone tongs

Ding dong: Krumbs Kitchen Chef's Collection Silicone Tongs

Every home chef needs a decent pair of kitchen tongs in their arsenal of cooking tools. We love Krumbs' offering as they can withstand temperatures of up to 375 degrees, boast BPA-free, and FDA-approved materials. They are also odor and stain-resistant and will happily take a spin in the dishwasher. Add in the fact they come in a range of bold, vibrant colors, and we're sold.

$10 at Amazon
Steam diverter

Despicable steam: Goldlion Steam Diverter Pressure Release Valve

Love pressure cooking but hate the steam issues? We feel you. This cute little guy has four slot options that fit the Ninja Foodi's pressure cooker valve. You can vent the steam in multiple directions, and well away from your kitchen cabinets, avoiding any potential warping problems.

$14 at Amazon
Ninja Foodi Basket

Let it flow: Ninja Foodi Cook & Crisp Basket Insert

Not the most glamorous accessory on our list, this is nonetheless super useful. Made by Ninja, this cunning contraption sits inside Cook & Crisp Basket and doubles your basket's cooking capacity by giving you an extra "shelf" to cook on. It also makes for much-improved airflow around your food. Made of sturdy stainless steel, this is dishwasher-safe.

$19 at Amazon
Pot holder

Get a grip: OXO Silicone Pressure Cooker Sling

Super Useful

You may have the tongs and pot pinchers, but you can't beat a silicone sling to remove smaller items from your Ninja Foodi safely. This durable device is made from food-safe and heat-resistant material. It can be used to elevate bakeware above water, and it's dishwasher safe.


Skeweriffic: Ninja Foodi Skewer Stand

If you're lucky enough to own the 8-quart Ninja Foodi, then you deserve to treat yourself to this accessory. In the larger capacity model, you can use this to cook 15 skewer's worth of meat, seafood, or delicious veggies. It's a handy way of getting that chargrilled flavor into your meal without having to bust out the actual grill. The improved airflow will also make for more flavorful food. When you're done, this can go in the dishwasher.

$19 at Amazon
Egg mold

Eggsellent: Debbiedoo's Cake and Egg Bite Silicone Mold

This versatile mold from Debbiedoo's can withstand both the heat of a pressure cooker and the cold of your freezer. Perfectly shaped to make egg bites, meatballs, cakes, and more, the non-stick silicone is FDA approved and free of BPA. The flexible design means whatever you've made will pop right out. Just be sure to lightly oil each pocket before you fill it for fuss-free cleaning.

$13 at Amazon

Bibliotechnical: Ninja Foodi Cookbooks

Finally, you've got all the kit; you just need some inspiration as to what to cook. There are two official Ninja cookbooks. The "Ninja Foodi Complete Cookbook for Beginners" offers around 70 recipes that will get you started with your pressure cooker. On the other hand, the "Ninja Foodi One-Pot Cookbook" gives you over one hundred fab ways to use your multicooker.

Culinary cool

Just these few affordable accessories can really take your Foodi experience to the next level. Depending on what recipes you like to cook in your Ninja Foodi, you might not need every single item on this list. But real foodies who enjoy both cooking and baking will get a lot out of these handy items.

Our favorite, the Fat Daddio's Cake Pan is perfect for any baker with its easy removal both from the Foodie and from the pan! The Pampered Chef Cake Tester seems simple, but having a proper tool, rather than say just using a toothpick, will make a difference.

When it comes to safety, the OXO Silicone Sling will more than justify the cost. Made from food-safe, heat-resistant materials, it will keep your cooking and baking experience pleasant. Everything on this list will inspire you. So, take your pick and bon appetit!

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