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Best Accessories for the Ninja Foodi in 2020

Ninja Foodi
Ninja Foodi (Image credit: Ninja)

So, you're the proud owner of a Ninja Foodi. We feel the love, but to get the most out of your swanky multicooker, you must accessorize. While the standard Ninja Foodi accessories are pretty capable, there are a few more gadgets and gizmos you need in your kitchen that can take you from ninja-level to samurai sleek. We've rounded up a selection of items we find make all the difference when using our Foodis.

Culinary cool

Just these few affordable accessories can really take your Foodi experience to the next level. Depending on what recipes you like to cook in your Ninja Foodi, you might not need every single item on this list. But real foodies who enjoy both cooking and baking will get a lot out of these handy items.

Our favorite, the Fat Daddio's Cake Pan (opens in new tab) is perfect for any baker with its easy removal both from the Foodie and from the pan! The Pampered Chef Cake Tester (opens in new tab) seems simple, but having a proper tool, rather than say just using a toothpick, will make a difference.

When it comes to safety, the OXO Silicone Sling (opens in new tab) will more than justify the cost. Made from food-safe, heat-resistant materials, it will keep your cooking and baking experience pleasant. Everything on this list will inspire you. So, take your pick and bon appetit!

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