Best Accessories for Polaroid Snap iMore 2021

The Polaroid Snap is a new take on the company's iconic instant photo printing technology. Instead of the easily recognizable square photos with the big white border, the Snap uses a landscape layout with 2-by-3 inch photos, which you can also save to a microSD card if you'd rather not print them out right away. It's a neat new camera for a whole new generation of young photographers, and we've compiled some of the best Polaroid Snap accessories to help take your experience to the next level.

Polaroid Zink 50 Pack Render Cropped

The paper you'll need: Polaroid ZINK Photo Paper

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Until 3D printers are small enough to attach to today's best instant cameras, you'll still need some paper if you want to print out your photos. You need Polaroid Premium ZINK Paper for your Snap. This bundle includes 50 sheets of 2"x3" paper to get you started. You can also pick up packs of 20 sheets if you tend not to print much.

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Store all the memories: Transcend 32GB microSD Card

Instant printing with your Polaroid Snap is incredible, but sometimes you want to share your photos online. For that, you'll need a memory card. The Transcend 32GB microSD has plenty of space for your pictures and is super reliable. At this price, you can buy a few cards and tuck them away in your camera bag.

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Protect your investment: Polaroid EVA Case

You put a case on your phone and should do likewise with your Polaroid Snap. This slender EVA hard case from Polaroid is one of the best travel cases for the Polaroid Snap. It fits your camera like a glove, protecting it against drops, spills, and scratches. It comes in few colors and has a loop attachment so you can wear it around your neck and carry it over your wrist.

Zink Decorative Stickers Render Cropped

Spice up your photos: Zink Border Stickers

If you miss that iconic Polaroid border around photos, this border sticker pack lets you add it back for next to nothing. You'll get a box of 100 easy-to-use stickers that perfectly frame pictures, add a decorative touch, and give you a space to write personal notes.


Add some color: Polaroid Color Filters

For Instagrammers out there who live and die by filters, you will adore this set of Polaroid Color Filters. Perfectly designed to fit over the lens of your Snap with magnetic holds, these high-quality filters add color and texture to your work.

$11 at Amazon
Fintie Mini Photo Album Render Cropped

Put your photos on display: Fintie Mini Photo Album

Tuck your best photographs in an album for safekeeping with this mini-album from Fintie. It holds 104 films on 26 individual pages, and each page opens like a book. The insert pockets can also store credit or ID cards while traveling. The Fintie album comes in 17 colors and patterns and makes a great gift.

$16 at Amazon

Stabilize your shots: Polaroid Flexi Tripod

Stabilize your shots for clearer, more professional-looking photographs with a tripod. This model from Polaroid comes with three flexible legs, a 360-degree ball head, and grippy rubber edges and feet that hold the tripod tight to any surface. Attach it to a tree, a pole, or set it up on a table.

Bottom line

Polaroid and other instant cameras are just plain fun to use. You snap the shutter, and the moment prints out instantly for you to share. Whatever kind of photography you like, the Snap will give you an enjoyable experience. These accessories will protect your investment, help you take better photos, and give you a space to store your best work.

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First, you'll need paper. The 50-pack of Polaroid Premium Zink Photo Paper is the best deal going. If you want to share photos on social media, you'll want a memory card. Our favorite for the Polaroid Snap is from Transcend. The 32GBs afforded is more than enough room for all your vacation pictures, and then some.

Lastly, you can relive old memories indefinitely with the Fintie Mini Photo Album. Available in 17 colors and patterns, this album holds 104 photos and looks great on any coffee table.

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