Best accessories for Super Mario Run players

Super Mario Run is now available in the App Store worldwide and I couldn't be more excited to spend my precious time diving into Mario's first ever mobile gaming experience.

To prepare for a marathon session of Super Mario Run, you're going to want to be equipped with a few essential items to maximize your enjoyment of Mario's journey on the small screen.

Aukey 16,000mAh power bank

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Any game that you play a lot is going to suck more battery power than you may be used to, which means you could find yourself in need of extra power on the go. The Aukey 16,000mAh power bank is perfect for long gaming marathon sessions.

Aukey's power bank is on the bigger side for a bank with a 16,000mAh battery, but you'll be able to charge your iPhone around 4 times, and even charge a 9.7-inch iPad Pro once. Plus, there are built-in safeguards to protect your iPhone from a power surge and overheating, and you get a 2-year warranty should anything go wrong with the bank.

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TravelCard 1,500mAh power bank


If you need extra power, but are worried about portability Wirecutter's top pick's of power bank charger is a solid choice.

1,500mAh won't give you a full charge for your iPhone, but it will easily help Mario collect more coins before reaching for a power outlet. Plus, it's about the size of a credit card meaning you never have to worry about carrying it around.

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iPhone Smart Battery Case

If you hate the idea of having to lug around a power bank that's separate from your phone take a look at Apple's Smart Battery Case.

Designed with a soft microfibre lining on the inside, and a smooth silicone exterior, the iPhone Smart Battery Case increases your talk time up to 26 hours, and your internet use up to 22 hours. Plus, it worked seamlessly with your iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 6, displaying the case's power status on your iPhone's screen so you know precisely how much charge is left.

The case doesn't come in a huge variety of colors, but you can pick from an incredibly sleek white, black, or (RED) case for around $129.

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Spigen Style Ring

The Spigen Style Ring sticks onto the back of your phone or phone case giving you a convenient way to hold onto your phone, meaning you can aggressively tap your for to make Mario jump and keep your phone in your hand. No more dropping your phone in mud or puddles, and it can even be used as a kickstand or car mount, which means playing Super Mario Run isn't the only use!

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UE Boom 2

Mario is arguably the most iconic video game character of all time and if you have ever played a Mario title before, you know that the soundtrack is just as vibrant and bright as the colors on the screen. So why not enjoy those sounds with the UE Boom 2!

his speaker ends up on lots of best Bluetooth speaker lists — and for good reason. It's water-resistant, last up to 15 hours of playback time, has an iOS app you can control it with, and offers 360-degree sound. It's truly a portable bluetooth speaker worthy of a journey to the Mushroom Kingdom.

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VTIN Royaler

You don't have to spend over a hundred dollars to enjoy that classic Mario soundtrack, The VTIN Royaler is the speaker I use for all my office audio, and I'm pleasantly impressed — both by its quality and $59 price tag.

The Royaler looks and feels great. Its aluminum alloy housing feels sturdy and well-constructed, and it gives the whole speaker a nice polished look without being heavy, making it easy to toss in a backpack and carry it around.

Secondly, the sound quality is solid: The VTIN Royaler comes equipped with two 10-watt drivers and a passive radiator for the bass, and while it won't outperform the higher-end speakers out there on the market, it still delivers great everyday sound. The bass is impressive as well, sounding warm and controlled in tone even through the heaviest of metal.

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Moshi Digits

Moshi Digits

Another personal favourite of mine, Moshi Digits are excellent touchscreen gloves that do a great job of keeping your hands warm, and they work very well when it comes to using your phone while wearing them.

They feature a double-layer of material that helps keep your fingers warm, even when it's quite chilly outside (better than most touchscreen gloves) so you can stay by Mario's side throughout the winter. Each glove also features Moshi's "GripTrak" pattern on the palm to ensure that you never drop your phone, even in icy weather.

The fact that Moshi sounds like Yoshi is just an added Mario-esque perk!

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RedBubble iPhone Cases

RedBubble has a bunch of fun and fantastic looking cases, and they have a whole bunch that are Mario-themed! These simple shells fit over your iPhone nice and snug and are guaranteed to make your case look unique. Most designs come in all iPhone models, meaning you won't have a hard time finding the right one for you. Also they have a bunch of cool Nintendo cases as well, so check them out!

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Any other accessories?

What accessories keeps you playing Super Mario Run? Let us know in the comments!

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