Best Advent Calendar Black Friday Deals

Mortime Advent Calendar Lifestyle
Mortime Advent Calendar Lifestyle (Image credit: MorTime)

I love advent calendars. Every day, there's a new little treat waiting for you to unlock. A tiny mystery to reveal, all leading up to the big day. Whether you've to an exquisite wood carved reusable calendar or a yearly box of treats to unlock, advent calendars of fun for the whole family or for each person individually. Make your holiday season merry and bright this year by getting a 2020 advent calendar at up to 45% off this Black Friday.

Best Advent calendar Black Friday deals

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MorTime 24 Day Advent Calendar | 20% off at Amazon

This wood carved tiny snow scene is an advent calendar and Christmas decoration all in one. It has an adorable little sleepy winter town scene with glowing lights and 24 tiny drawers where you can hide whatever daily treats you want.


Victostar Advent Calendar Toys for Kids | 41% off at Amazon

This fun advent calendar for kids is filled with containers of slime, jars of glitter, and tiny toppers that your little ones can use to make all kinds of fun toys with. This slime may be non-toxic, but don't let those cupcakes on the cover fool you. You don't want to eat this slime.


DZY Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar | 25% off at Amazon

This sweet charm bracelet will make your little one feel just like mommy with two bracelets and 22 charms to open across the holiday season. There are two different cover illustrations, but the skateboarding Santa is the one on sale for 25% off.


D-FantiX Bulding Toys Advent Calendar | 26% off at Amazon

If your little one is excited about tractors, helicoptors, and trucks, they're going to love opening these 24 advent calendar windows every day. These aren't just tiny trucks. You build them yourself because they're made of little building blocks. You can even put a bunch together to make one large flying car.


Pretend Play Makeup Kit Advent Calendar | 20% off at Amazon

With this makeup kit filled advent calendar, your pretty princess and prince can have fun playing dress up, complete with a fun face makeover. Every day for 24 days, you'll unlock nail polish, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, makeup brushes, and more. By Christmas Day, your fashionable little ones will look fabulous.


Advent Calendar Dinosaur Toys Set | 45% off at Amazon

If your kiddo is fascinated by prehistory, this dino playset is going to make waiting for Santa lots of fun. It's not just dinosaurs. This advent calendar includes background scenery and a set of dice so you can use your mini monsters to play a board game.


Molbory Advent Calendar Gift Bags with stickers | 28% off at Amazon

Class up your Christmas with these elegant advent calendar bags. They're actually more like boxes, and they're just big enough to fit a couple of chocolates, a cookie, or maybe a diamond ring. With 24 stickers, you can make sure the right box gets opened on the right day.


Guoou Hanging Felt Advent Calendar Gift Bags | 20% off at Amazon

These festive felt bags are the perfect hiding spot for 24 of your best mini mysteries. Each bag has a draw string tie and it comes with 13 feet of rope so you can hang your advent calendar across the mantel, down the stair rail, or anywhere you want.


Cairoyar Metal Educational Toys Advent Calendar | 20% off at Amazon

For the explorative mind, this advent calendar comes with 24 metal puzzles to work your brain. Each tiny wire puzzle comes with two pieces connected together and it's your job to figure out how to disconnect them, even if it seems like a real brain teaser.


MYH Deco Hanging Stocking advent calendar | 30% off at Amazon

What's better than opening a stocking full of toys on Christmas morning? Opening 24 stockings with individual toys every day during December. This hanging garland style set of mini stockings can be filled with whatever toys, treats, and tricks you want to give your family every day leading up to Christmas day.

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