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Embrace your inner beer geek or wine snob with these 16 boozy Prime Day deals

Genuine beer geeks and true wine lovers know it's often just as much about the paraphernalia as it is the liquids. The devices and gadgets that enhance the experience can be as important as knowing the right brewer or vintner. What good is a '95 magnum of gueuze without the proper tumblers and decanter, a bottle of Burgundy without a thin-walled, properly shaped glass, or a celebratory pour of Moet minus the flute? And if you can't properly store those bottles for years, until the right time comes to pop the corks, well, even the glassware won't matter much. When you think of beer and wine accessories, you don't usually think "affordable." But that doesn't mean you can't get some of the most essential accoutrements for less. These are the best Amazon Prime Deals for beer geeks and wine snobs alike.

If it was up to us ...

We'd use each and every one of the products featured here (except maybe that sloth glass), but if we had to pick a few, the beer fridge (opens in new tab) and wine cooler (opens in new tab) from Danby would be at the top of our list. They're indispensable and will pay for themselves in functionality and convenience.

We're also big fans of decanters. If you haven't experienced just how much a good decanter and add to your fine wine or aged beer experience, now's the perfect time to find out for yourself, thanks to the Prime Day discount this Le Chateau decanter (opens in new tab).