Genuine beer geeks and true wine lovers know it's often just as much about the paraphernalia as it is the liquids. The devices and gadgets that enhance the experience can be as important as knowing the right brewer or vintner. What good is a '95 magnum of gueuze without the proper tumblers and decanter, a bottle of Burgundy without a thin-walled, properly shaped glass, or a celebratory pour of Moet minus the flute? And if you can't properly store those bottles for years, until the right time comes to pop the corks, well, even the glassware won't matter much. When you think of beer and wine accessories, you don't usually think "affordable." But that doesn't mean you can't get some of the most essential accoutrements for less. These are the best Amazon Prime Deals for beer geeks and wine snobs alike.

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Dedicated fridge: Danby DAR026A1BDD-3 Compact Refrigerator

Must-have for beer geeks

True beer lovers can never have enough cold beer. However, the significant others of true beer lovers, who may not love beer quite as much, also need space in the refrigerator. A dedicated beer fridge can ensure your supply never runs low, while also avoiding related marital spats. This fridge from Dandy is on sale for a great price; it has a four-out-of-five-star rating on Amazon with thousands of user reviews. And it's not too big, so it'll fit in tight spaces without being too much of an eyesore.

$138 (was $180) at Amazon

Temperature is key: Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

Must-have for wine lovers

If you plan to store beer or wine for a while, to age it, or you want to make sure you're serving it at the proper temperature, you're going to need a good wine cooler. This one fits the bill, and it's on sale for an excellent price for Prime Day. You can set your own temperature to maintain inside it, and it'll lovingly store up to 36 bottles of your favorite vin or bier.

$260 (was $300) at Amazon

Let it breathe: Le Chateau Wine Decanter

True aficionado must-have

Great wine and certain types of beer can dramatically benefit from a little time exposed to the air. A good decanter does just that. This one is functional, super stylish and particularly affordable on Prime Day. Made of lead-free crystal, and it's designed to maximize the surface area of the wine or exposed to air when a full 750ml bottle is poured inside it. If you're not decanting your beer or lambic before drinking, you're missing out. This is a great place to get started, and it has a five-star rating on Amazon with hundreds of customer reviews.

$35 (was $50) at Amazon

Ditch the ice, go electric: Coleman 40 Quart PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler

The perfect accessory for a tailgate, summer party or other BBQ, this ice-less cooler plugs into a nearby electrical outlet and keeps your beer (and anything else) chilled for as long as it's powered up. The cooler is well insulated and can maintain temperatures up to 40 degrees less than its surroundings. It's big, too, and can hold up to 44 12-ounce cans.

$81 (was $96) at Amazon

A more functional cooler: Hap Tim Soft Cooler Bag 40-Can Large Reusable

The best thing about this cooler is how portable it is when not in use. Traditional plastic coolers take up a lot of space, even when there's no beer or wine in them. Not so with this soft cooler; it collapses and folds up for easy storage when not in use. It's also leak-proof, insulated can pack up to 40 12-ounce cans, plus ice. For more than half off, this is a steal.

$24 (was $50) at Amazon

Growler power: GrowlerWerks uKeg Pressurized Growler, 64 oz, Stainless Steel

This stainless-steel vessel is the Cadillac of growlers. No, wait, it's more like the Rolls-Royce. It's cap automatically adjust the internal pressure to keep your beer optimally carbonated. That'll keep beer fresh for up a couple of weeks, or far more than the average growler, which will lose carb in one week or less. It holds 64 ounces of brew, or about four pints. Oh, and it's steampunk-ish style make is look rather badass.

$105.00 (was $148) at Amazon

Keep it cool (for a long time): Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Bottle and Can Cooler

You've heard of cozies, right? Those foam-ish sleeves that fit around a beer bottle or can and keep it cool for 30 mins or so? Well, Asobu's "robo coozie" takes beer cooling to a whole new, colder level. This vacuum-insulated, double-walled beast can keep your brew colder than any other cozies we've ever used. It fits both bottles and cans. And it has a built-in bottle opener. Touché.

$24 (was $30) at Amazon

Glass storage and display: DEFWAY Wine Glass Rack

Your proper glassware deserves a proper rack. This one is on sale for more than half off on Prime Day, and it's functional, stylish and a snap to set up. The metal frame is sturdy and strong, and it's designed to hold stemmed glasses of most shapes and sizes. It also has a five-our-of-five-start rating on Amazon. Cheers to that.

$17 (was $44) at Amazon

Bottle storage and display: SONGMICS Bamboo Wine Display Rack, 2-Tier 12-Bottle Storage Shelf

Before you actually drink a fancy bottle of beer or wine, you sometimes want to display it. This rack is perfect for placement on your bar or kitchen counters, and though it's not too large, it'll store and show off up to 12 bottles. It's made of sturdy dark bamboo, and it's dead-simple to assemble. The company offers a 100-percent money-back guarantee, too, though, with a four-of-five-stars rating on Amazon, you most likely won't be disappointed.

$25 (was $31) at Amazon

Travel protection: Sindermore Aluminum-magnesium alloy hard shell luggage suitcase

The true beer or wine geek travels near and far to find the best libations. And that often means lugging bottles back with you on planes, trains or buses. To avoid breakage, you need a sturdy, preferably hard-shell bag or piece of luggage to protect your precious beverages. This all-aluminum Sindermore bag will more than get the job done, and it's on sale for an excellent price during Prime Day. And it's Amazon customer rating (4.5 of five stars) suggests you won't be disappointed with the purchase.

$311 (was $390) at Amazon

Raise a stein: Crystal Clear Beer Glasses Set

The beer stein is one of the most classic glassware types, and it's well suited for just about any lager, as well as some lighter ales. These two steins are nice and thick, and they'll comfortably hold a perfectly poured pint. They also come in a lovely gift box and can be customized with his and hers engraving, if you want to give them away. (We say keep 'em for yourself.)

$16 for two (was $20) at Amazon

Go in hard for that toast: MICHLEY Unbreakable Champagne Flutes Glasses

Many beer and wine geeks are strict about using real glassware. But let's face it, after a few hours of celebration, a lot of glasses get broken. Like on New Year's Eve, for example. These unbreakable plastic Champagne flutes are perfect for those types of occasions, and according to Amazon customers who bought them, they feel a lot like glass, which has resulted in a 4.5 of five-star rating. After a few drinks, your guests probably won't be able to tell if they're real glass anyway.

$11 for two (was $30) at Amazon

Fancy schmancy: Aspen & Birch | Modern Wine Glasses Set of 6

This set of long-stem Aspen & Birch universal wine glasses is stylish, sleek, and affordable. They're made of 100-perfect lead-free crystal, and they're handmade by expert glassblowers. These glasses are just perfect for when it's time to break out the good stuff, whether it's a well-aged bottle of burgundy or fine Belgian ale

$39 for six (was $75) at Amazon

So fresh and so clean: Diversey Beer Clean Glass Cleaner 100-pack

If you're going to get a beautiful set of glasses, you want to keep them clean, right? Beer Clean is literally designed to clean your favorite glassware without damaging it. It's odorless and won't leave any residue that can negatively affect your beer or wine-drinking experience. And Amazon customers love it, earned it a five-out-of-five-star rating

$32 (was $39) at Amazon

Beautfiul simplicity: RCR Cristalleria Italiana Daily Collection 6 Piece Crystal Wine Glasses

As classic as the beer steins featured here, this universal wine glass won't turn any heads based on appearance alone. But it's functional, practical and straightforward, which is just what you need sometimes. Made in Italy, the strong, lead-free crystal is dishwasher safe for convenience. The six-glass set is available for a great price on Prime Day.

$32 (was $39) at Amazon

A few too many: Let's Get Slothed beer or wine glass

This glass speaks for itself. It's got a drunken sloth holding onto a wine bottle. You'll either love it ... or not. We'll leave that up to you. Either way, it apparently launched explicitly for Prime Day.

$18 at Amazon

Triforce > Ganondorf: The Legend of Zelda Nintendo Pint Glass

Let your true geek and beer snob unite by embracing this awesome retro Legend of Zelda pint glass. Beer goes great with old-school games ... or any games really. And this pint glass is sturdy enough to stand up to enduring sessions battling Ganon or any other Big Bad Boss.

$10 (was $17) at Amazon

If it was up to us ...

We'd use each and every one of the products featured here (except maybe that sloth glass), but if we had to pick a few, the beer fridge and wine cooler from Danby would be at the top of our list. They're indispensable and will pay for themselves in functionality and convenience.

We're also big fans of decanters. If you haven't experienced just how much a good decanter and add to your fine wine or aged beer experience, now's the perfect time to find out for yourself, thanks to the Prime Day discount this Le Chateau decanter.

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