Best and worst looking smartwatches for the fashion focused!

Smartwatches aren't just about the technology. For many people, watches are jewelry. They can't just be good. They have to look good. Some certainly do. Others... not so much. While style is totally subjective, it's fair to say that there's a line between a beautifully fashion-forward smartwatch and something that looks like it fell out of a cereal box.

Here are the best and worst-looking smartwatches out there that are available when it comes to current fashion and style.

The Fashion-forward

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Withings Steel HR

If you're looking for a classic, sleek, minimal, beautifully designed smartwatch, then shall we direct your gaze to the Withings Steel HR.

Steel HR has been designed to include a screen that shows you all the information you want at a glance, but with no compromise on style. The subtle but easy-to-read digital screen displays heart rate, number of steps, distance, calories burned, set alarm time, and smartphone alerts — all housed within a sleek watch case.

With the Steel HR, you get a battery that lasts for up to 25 days, the ability to dip underwater for up to 50 meters, along with a heart rate tracker and sleep monitor. The best part, though? Your wrist will never look better, because the Withings' timeless design balances smartwatch and everyday wearable flawlessly.

You can pick up the Withings Steel HR in 40mm black, 36mm black, or 36mm white.

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Samsung Gear 2 by de GRISOGONO

If you're a big fan of glitz and glam and classic Hollywood sparkle, and if you're looking for a truly high-quality smartwatch, then look no further than the Samsung Gear 2 by de GRISOGONO.

Two iconic brands unite to create the most glamorous smartwatch. de GRISOGONO's vision and boldness meet Samsung's technological expertise. A high-tech object transformed into a glamorous accessory. Style marries function.

Claiming to symbolize the best of the fashion world and the tech world, the Samsung Gear 2 by de GRISOGONO looks like a bedazzled piece of high-priced arm candy. Set with rose gold and white and black diamonds, and designed by world-class designer Fawaz Gruosi, this smartwatch embodies decadence and pure fashion.

While some may think this particular piece is gaudy, the pedigree behind it truly is alluring and glamorous. Not only does it function as a reliable smartwatch, but it also comes dripping in gold – and if you don't like it in black, you can always pick it up in white.

But, a word of caution to iPhone users: not all the watch's features will work on iOS and you'll be limited in terms of the apps you can download.


White Ceramic Apple Watch Series 2

Nothing really beats the beautiful, simple design of an Apple Watch… Well, except for one thing: the White Ceramic Apple Watch Series 2.

Designed to be water resistant for up to 50 meters, not only is this smartwatch element-proof, but it's also very chic and stylish.

In 2016, minimal, clean, white cases were all the rage for iPhone and MacBook covers, and now it's clear that this trend has translated well into wearables!

You can pick your White Ceramic Apple Watch Series 2 in two different sizes, and after you put it on, not only will you be monitoring your heartrate, be able to use voice commands, and get up to 18 hours of battery life, but you'll also be able to feel like you're wearing a fashion-forward piece of tech.

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The Fashion faux pas

Nixon The Mission

Chunky, clunky, big and bulky, Nixon's The Mission smartwatch is great for those who like it rugged and tough, not fashionable and funky.

Designed to be water and shock resistant and built with Gorilla glass and surgical-grade stainless steel (and something called a "roll cage" bezel) this smartwatch is the perfect accessory for the outdoorsman in your life… But if you're looking to strut the runway or get drinks on a first date, we recommend leaving this bulky mess at home.

While having a big smartwatch doesn't necessarily mean it's unstylish, the neon orange color accents on all the standard color options is a bit out-of-date and passe.

Although, to be fair, you can design your own (opens in new tab) version of The Mission, but in all honesty, this smartwatch has a bit too much going on to be runway certified & approved.

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Fitbit Alta

You know how we keep saying less is more? Minimalist is stylish? Keep it simple, stupid? Well we're going to have to backtrack a bit because while the Fitbit Alta is a minimal, sleek little smartwatch, it's actually far from a stylish wearable.

Resembling one of those cheap rubber Livestrong-esque bracelets everyone sported in mid-to-late 2000s, the Fitbit Alta effortlessly tracks your steps, distance, active minutes, and calories burned throughout the day. You know what it effortlessly does? Make you look like you're an extra on Deep Space Nine.

This futuristic-looking smartwatch tries too hard to look minimalistic, sleek, and fashionable, and because of that, it falls short and fails. It almost reminds me of a rubber band that you get when you go into an amusement park, or a plastic pre-paid bracelet you get at the spa so you don't have to drag your wallet around.

While Fitbit arguably makes some of the best wearables and smartwatches around, and while the Fitbit Alta is still a fantastic device to track your sleep and monitor your fitness progress, the design on this one falls short, making it to our ugly pile.

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What's your style?

Is there a super stylish smartwatch that you have in mind? Or do you disagree with what we've found not-so-stylish on our list? Let us know what you think in the comments below (and which smartwatches are worth checking out!)

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  • That de GRISOGONO watch is absolutely hideous. It looks like it's trying way too hard to be luxurious and overshoots it into tackiness.
  • The apple watch/samsung gear (3) are my favorites....
  • Personally, I'm kind of a fan of the Fossil Q but I don't understand much about it's capability.
    Also of course, I got the Apple Watch simply because it works best with the iPhone, but I like that Samsung Gear S 3 more. Rotating the bezel is pretty slick (and better than the crown IMO.)
  • The problem with a rotating bezel is that it requires an illogically round smartwatch.
  • That first one is really nice! Looking into it, the price of it is not even bad at all and there are even different sizes. I'm a fan, added it to my wish list.
  • Give me Apple Watch in the round.
  • Apple understands that a rectangular smartwatch is a much better design as it displays much more than just analog time.
  • When I heard Samsung G2 was being married over to Apple I said YES! It has one minor problem but other than that fully functional. I am not happy with Samsung phones right now. I crossed over on the 13th. Samsung watch and am getting Apple Watch. Should arrive next week. Will use both. I am very much into the smart watch. Great compliment to the phone Sent from the iMore App
  • Ceramic Apple Watch would be nice to own, currently using 1st gen Watch Sport. ⌚️ Sent from the iMore App
  • I love the look and physical design of the  Apple Watch, but I personally feel that they've some work to do on their selectable watch faces. In my opinion, they're all a little too "digital," if that makes sense. The Samsung watch faces colour in the empty space to make the face look almost like a real watch. They're a little more imaginative with it, I guess. Lately though, I've been loving the Nike faces on my Nike+. Previous to that I was using different variations of the Simple face and was liking that. Just wish there were one or two others to choose from with large numbers (a must for me). Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree that the face design of the Apple Watch could be improved. I like the idea of filling in empty space. That wouldn't be too difficult. A software update could do it. Sent from the iMore App
  • I love the ceramic body of the Apple Watch Edition and would have paid for it in a heartbeat, if there would be any non-plastic band options, or at least white adapters to replace those on bands made for the steel Watch. As none of these options are available, I went for the steel series 2, which sure looks better than any of the non-Apple options in this article. I hope the go all in on ceramic for the series 3 and offer something along the lines of the ceramic bands Rado is offering.
  • The Withings has a classy look, no doubt. Sadly, have never seen one in the wild!