Best AUX Cables in 2020

Belkin Aux Cord Hero
Belkin Aux Cord Hero (Image credit: Belkin)

Make your entertainment system truly unforgettable with an amazing AUX cable. Whether you're trying to DJ your party with your smartphone or turn your car into an ACDC concert, having an AUX cord will give you the freedom to listen to your audio without the use of headphones. These sound cables are also great for travel as they're supported worldwide and compatible with almost any device that contains a headphone jack. Check out our top picks.


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While auxiliary cables are used worldwide for elevating musical and sound experiences, some cords stand out to us more than others. When it comes to an AUX cord that delivers all of your basic needs at an affordable price, the AmazonBasics AUX Cable is definitely one to add to your list.

However, when it comes to fitting into those tight spaces, the CableCreation Right-Angle Aux Cable makes connecting devices as easy as possible. With this cord, you don't have to worry about bending this cord in an awkward position to make it fit as it's design comes strategically bent at a perfect right-angle.

Perhaps your needs include reaching 25-foot distances like the FosPower Audio Cable, or compatibility with an iPhone like the Autynie Aux Cable. These AUX cords work seamlessly to deliver crystal clear sound quality.

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