When it comes to protecting your iPad, you've undoubtedly heard about cases; however, cases aren't right for everybody. iPad cases can be big, bulky, and expensive, making it hard to justify picking one up.

Of course, without a case, your iPad is vulnerable to damage. If you want a happy medium, and iPad back cover will help you protect your iPad from scratches and other minor damage — especially if you pair it with a tempered glass screen protector. Here are my favorite back protectors for your 9.7-inch iPad.

Atic TPU case

If you're one of those people that don't like putting cases on your iPad not only because of the extra weight but also the bright colors and weird designs, the Atic TPU case is as minimalist as you can get.

This incredibly thin and completely clear TPU case fits snuggly on your iPad and has precise cutouts for all the ports and buttons so you won't lose any functionality. Plus, it even has a very slight edge around the camera to protect the lens from getting scratch when you lay it down on its back.

While the Atic TPU case isn't likely to offer you much damage protection if it falls off your desk, for $8 it will allow you to set it down without worrying about what's underneath it.

Patchworks Pure Snap Case

If you want a slim and clear back cover for your iPad but aren't a fan of the rubbery and flexible TPU material, the Patchworks Pure Snap Case has you covered — pun intended.

For about $15, the Patchworks Pure Snap Case is made from a solid and completely transparent polycarbonate, meaning it will protect the back of your iPad from scratches and shouldn't yellow over time.

KHOMO Companion Cover

If you're looking for something thin and lightweight that still offers little protection from the hazards of everyday life, the KHOMO Companion Cover is worth a look.

This $13 cover has two layers of protection; a hard polycarbonate back cover and a flexible TPU layer around the edges. Whether it's a small tumble off your coffee table or your keys rubbing up against the back of your iPad in your backpack, the KHOMO Companion Cover should keep it safe.

You can pick one up in a plethora of colors including charcoal, ocean blue, yellow, red, mint green, pink sand, and even more!

Want more protection?

If you think you may want something that offers a little more protection for your new iPad, you may want to check out some full-fledged cases!

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What do you use to protect your iPad?

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